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MARIA - June 15



Christie - June 16

It is possible to become pregnant with the iud, but it is very rare because there is only a 2 percent chance that it will happen. It is safer than a condom mostly because it will not break or tare and cause pregnancy. But please be aware, it will not keep you safe from std's and I would only recommend this birth control if you do not want to be pregnant for long term. The shortest term iud is 1 year and they can get up to 10 years.


foxboro - March 13

I am a concerned man who's loved one is in fear that she may be pregnant. She has an IUD in place. I was doing research online last night and came across this forum. There were 45 PAGES of responses to this topic over the last four years last night when I found it. So, today I went to show her my findings only to find that they had all been ERASED with the exception of this very generic response above. Case after case of women who were coming forward about their pregnancy with IUDs. I would like to know where all the posts went, why they were deleted, and where I can find more info on the subject. I also read in one of the posts that other forums were doing the same thing regarding this scenario. Why would they do such a thing????


llmommy - March 14

Foxboro, I don't know anything about deleted posts, as I haven't been following this subject; but if you're looking for pages on this topic, take a look at the "Pregnancy Complications" board. There's a thing on IUDs there, with over 70 pages.


eryn223 - March 19

i found on WedMD of people stating pregnancy with the use of the IUD... check on there or just search for "iud seide effects" i have read from several sites of people saying this...


charz - May 7

Hi i've had the iud in for 2 years and ive had unprotected s_xy twice now and after the second time i was is bad pain to find out that my iud had twisted can i be pregnant


hopstar - February 3

Hi, I had a copper IUD and got my period the 1st month, then after that I it came again only lighter. I felt for it and it was still there...a week later after still spotting I felt again and felt more than just the strings. So I took a pregnancy test and it was positive. Needless to say I was shocked, I got pregnant, the IUD didn't fall out and now I had to rush to the hospital to see if it was ectopic. I would recommend that anyone who has this done, use back up birth control for a few months and then have a follow up exam to make sure it hasn't moved.


cake boss - March 4

I was on my second IUD and just found out I'm pregnant. I had an IUD for a total of 6 years and thought it was pretty much a sure thing since I've been with someone the whole time I've had it. To make things worse when I rushed to the E.R. the Dr. wasn't even able to determine if it's an ectopic pregnancy or if it's in the uterus. Just goes to show that no form of contraseption is 100%.



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