Just Paranoid About Hand Job

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lily - April 26

Sorry to be a pain all. Two weeks ago on the 9th, i gave my boiyfriend a handjob. I washed my hands and then he went and washed his p__s. I'm not sure if he washed his hands or not though. I was fine till the next day. I got my period that morning, but I also had horrible cramping, back pains, and my br___ts were real tender all day. The day after that, I felt nauseated and laid in bed all my day. My period was pretty normal. Everything except those first two days was fine. All those problems lasted only the first day. Now though, about 2 weeks after the fact, my va___al discharge has thickened up a bit. Nothing else has happened though. All of my friends think I'm just being paranoid about being pregnant. What do you all think?


lilmama - April 26

s____n has to come in contact with your v____a to get you pregnant. You have nothing to worry about.


Jbear - April 27

Your v____al discharge thickens each month when you ovulate. It doesn't mean you're pregnant, but it probably means you're fertile. You should go and get some birth control. Go to planned parenthood or a city clinic, and they will give you what you need, and they won't tell your parents. They can also give you info about STD's and about all the ways you can and can not get pregnant.


hey - April 27

jbear is right, you are ovulating right now...you should become more familiar with your discharge so you know what's healthy and what your cycle is like....check out this website,http://www.webwomb.com/cervical_mucus_page.htm also, i wouldnt worry about birth control unless you are actually having v____al intercourse. plus, sperm dies once it comes in contact with the air and dries...so theres no way he could have gotten you pregnant


lily - April 27

Thanks for all your answers guys. I'm going to be going on bc within the next couple months probably. And also, I do have disharge most of the month. I've had it ever since I started my period. And right now, it is much thicker than it has ever been before. Thanks though.



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