Kill A Fetus

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too young - August 28

if im pregnant and i go on birth control at the same time will it kill or mess up the baby?


2 too young - August 28

Its not good to be taking the pill while you are pregnant! Why would you want to do that if you knew you are pregnant!! If you are too young to be pregnant, you need to talk to someone (your mother) and see what your options are!!


too young - August 28

umm that would b my point i cant tell my mom u dont understand but i just dont know


Melissa - August 29

go to a planned parenthood or soemthing like that in your area. they will help you and it is confidental.


to TOO YOUNG - August 29

In order to get on birth control you have to have a pap and a pregnancy test. If you are pregnant, no clinic/doctor will give you a prescription for birth control. And please do not take anyone elses birth control, that is VERY VERY dangerous. And it takes at least 30-60 days for birth control to become 100% effective. So if you were pregnant and taking the pill, you may not kill your baby, but it could cause serious birth defects I would think. Birth control keeps you from ovulating, its not a morning after pill!


too young - August 29

well i go to the clinic n the morning bc they rescheduled my appointment so u have to have those things done?? i didnt know that r they gonna do all of tht in one day/??? plz hurry up n reply my appointment is in the morning!!


- August 30

yes they can do it all in one day, but if its blood work it might take a couple of days to get it back, but if its just pee, youll be in and out


too young - August 30

ok will the blood test show up a pregnancy sooner than the pee????


to TO YOUNG - August 30

It depends on the clinic/lab. If they have to send their labs away, then yes it may take 24 hours to get results. Urine can show up, only if your HCG levels are high enough.


Sukie - September 12

isn't it true that if u starve urself, the fetus will die?


WTF???!!! - September 12

no, what is your obsession with trying to kill a fetus?? I've know druggies, homeless, and starved people give birth to babies, they are born sick diseased, and premature. It can also end up killing yourself. So If your planing on doing something stupid you better think twice.


WiseUP - September 14

That's the price you pay when you make your thoughts public online. You cant handle criticism, don't post a question.


xxxxxxx - September 14

too young i think ur sick to even think about birth control while ur pregnant you lay on ur back and took y take a life its not the babys fault ur to young and immoral!!!!!"


Lyndsay - September 20

i dunno i'm not sure.. but i wanna know if im on my period right now && it's not late could i still be pregnant.. my boyfriend never buts in me though.



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