Lack Of Sex

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elaine79 - March 12

Ladies, help! for my entire 1st trimester i didn't wanna be touched at all! this brought to strain onto my s_xual life with my husband and he is NOT happy. Please someone tell my s_x drive will come back soon!!! i'm now 14 weeks.


SaraH - March 12

It's normal not to want to have s_x at first and some women don't get a s_x drive back until they have the baby (that is if they aren't too tired w/ a new little one at home). It's also really common to have your s_x drive go back up during the 2nd tri an then decrease again in the 3rd tri as you get to big to be really comfortable. ---personally though I've been able to relax about the pregnancy the most during the 3rd tri and have had more of an interest then I did in the 1st or 2nd tri.-- I think the important thing is to try to at least "help out" your dh. We have to remember that they are guys and that they need the s_xual contact and release, even when we women don't. I know that it helped to just offer my dh a "hand" (sorry TMI) even when I didn't feel anything like s_x or was too sick. It might not have been his optimal preference but it still showed him that I cared and that I was willing to still try to take care of his "needs." So, that's what I'd suggest...explain why you're not so interested (are you sick a lot? worried about the baby? just not interested?) in s_x at this time and tell him that you realize he still needs the s_xual contact (if you physically feel well enough to have s_x maybe you can just make a pt to have intercourse even though you aren't really interested in it??) If your too sick or worried about the baby or some such then offer to help in other ways, and depending on your dh, probably try to remember to offer help at least 1 or 2 a week. Good luck.


sososleepy - March 13

Hi elaine. SaraH gave good advice. My dh gets so crabby after a few days without! Guys are just wired to think about it all the time; we seem to mostly just need it before O. I've found that mine is much much more pleasant to live with when he's not missing it for too long... I don't want to detail too much here but there are lots of ways to keep him happy.


Megan P - March 13

I would be happy to try and oblige my boyfriend if his breath didn't smell horrible all the time. I'm really upset about this because I want to have s_x too. I just can't breathe the same air as him and I don't want to constantly be insulting him. I know it's just my stupid pregnant nose (I hope!)


crrodgers - March 14

My husband too is one of those that would love to have it once or twice a day! I have a 2 and 4 yr old and I am 9 weeks prego. I also work full time. It is so hard for me to get in the almost feels like it's a job, if i don't do will just put him in a bad mood! why is it that us women have it so hard??? I wish they made a magic "s_x drive" pill!


elaine79 - March 14

I could most definitely use that "s_x drive" pill. If you ever find it crrodgers, you better let me know. Sometimes I wish he could go 1 week pregnant, and we'll se how much s_x he'll want then :) Thanks everydoby, i feel so much better now knowing i'm just a pregnant woman and there's nothing wrong with me.


Neesha - March 15

THANK YOU GOD I"M NOT ALONE!!! Ladies the same here. My fiancee has been s little upset also. I just don't want it like I used to before I got pregnant.But the thing is that I don't even want to be touched or touch him half of the time. Because I know it might lead to something else and then I'm trapped. I hate to have to always say "I'm not in the mood now baby".


crrodgers - March 15

In a previous comment I wrote that I wished there were a magic "s_x drive" pill for us, but I lied. I wish there was a magic "take his s_x drive away" pill for him!!! I am tired of fighting over this d__n subject!!!


sailboatchick - April 2

I miss my libido. It's been gone the last week or so. I'm 22 weeks along and already feel like a COW! Everything is so uncomfortable! We go so long in between because I'm not in the mood that when I finally get a little frisky things only last a couple of minutes and then I'm just left feeling frustrated because he falls asleep right away. We're both very busy with three other kids etc. I've also been very cranky too. Lovely! I'll be glad to have our sweet little girl in my arms instead of my tummy.


sagekelli - April 14

its hormones. i was crazy for s_x sometimes and could care less at other times. it will level out eventually


kady - April 17

with my first child I wanted to have s_x all the time.But this time around don't touch me don't look at me stay on your side of the bed,just the thought of s_x makes me feel sick.


tonilee7 - April 24

My first- I couldn't get enough, This time round-completely the opposite, at first my Dh was so frustrated that I didnt want him to touch me but now that I am at the point where I need to roll on my side to get out of bed he is pretty good, If I have had an easy day and I have had a pain free day he might get lucky but now, he gets nothing because I am in too much pain afterwards, everyone keeps saying that I am going to go early but I do not see how when I was 2 weeks overdue with my first. Baby was in position from 31 weeks and she has been head down ever since, hense why I have been in so much pain from 31 weeks.



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