Late Ovulation And Pregnancy

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noly08 - July 4

I have had irregular periods for a few months. I still have one each month, but they are less predictable than they had been. My husband and I are now ready for baby 2 and I started using an ovulation predictor kit to watch for a surge. During what I expected ovulation to occur, it did not. However, I had a surge last Friday, approximately 4-5 days before my next expected period. We had intercourse a few times during this window. It was a shock to ovulate late in my cycle, but I knew it was the best time to conceive. Is it possible to get pregnant so shortly before my expected cycle? I have had some twinges of pain and mild cramping, so now I am unsure what to expect. Not sure how soon I can test for pregnancy either. Any advice or knowledge on this is greatly appreciated!


Grandpa Viv - July 5

You say your cycle is irregular, so this month ovulation was ten days later than expected, and since menstruation follows ovulation pretty reliably by 14 days, you should look to test no sooner than two weeks after your opk gave a positive. Opk only tells you that your hormones are gearing up for ovulation. Use temperature charting to get a more positive indication. It is also neat to follow your physical ovulation signs - fertile mucus, ovulation cramp, cervix soft, high, open and wet. GL!


noly08 - July 5

Thank you! I expected my cycle to begin on Monday and had cramping and back pain and a__sumed I didn't conceive and was about to begin my cycle. However, the symptoms did not lead to a period as of this evening, so I am feeling a little hopeful that we may have had possible conception during this late ovulation....finger's crossed!!!


rebjj - July 6

Please Help Its Urgent I had my period last on June 20th and my ovulation calendar said that i should ovulate on 3 - 5th of July... Just before 1st of July I got all the ovulation signs like: I was feeling wet, little white discharge and above all was feeling very h__y, well.. Then on 1st i had a major pain in my left ovary in the afternoon and it went till 3 days... on 1st of July onwards i started experiencing that, my b___sts are too firm and started paining a lot... above all I was getting little cramps in my stomach which was on and off... so i guess i might have ovulated on 1st of July... Its 6th of July and my b___st are still firm and in pain with little cramps and i strongly feel as if I am going to get my period right now but when i check there is nothing.... As per the online calendar i should get my period on 17 till 20th of July... so i still have like 11 to 14 days left for my period... Does anyone felt the same way... What do u think I am pregnant or ??... I have normal period which lasts for 4days and my cycle is 29days... i never missed my period till date... i hope i miss it this time... i know its too early for me to take a pregnancy test but i am thinking of taking it on 13th of July i already purchased the clear blue non digital test because i couldn't find the digital one... Please someone help me with your suggestion as i m getting to frustrate and cannot wait more thanks and God Bless.... Rebecca Jackson



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