Late Period

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roselilly - March 12

So last month my period came 6 days early and this month it's late ? I have had unprotected sex. I've no symptoms only feeling a bit sick but I think that's my nerves. I have period like cramping but no period? I am very worried. Only thing about my lifestyle that has changed is my sleeping pattern. Does anyone know what is wrong with me?? Thanks x


Grandpa Viv - March 19

Unprotected sex followed by a few early pregnancy signs calls for a home pregnancy test. I expect you have run it by now. Please come back and tell us the result.


Sarah Gannie - April 3

Hi I'm married but my husband and I could not have conceived for some weird r3ason so I've decided to cheat on him to find out whether or not it's my problem or his. I had sex in February with an ex boyfriend of mine but felt guilty of the fact and went straight for a 72hr after pill immediately the next day I drank it before 12 hr has passed. After all that I had sex with the husband the following week 14th February which was the last day having intercourse because I had recieved the worst thing in my life for the first time yeast infection two days after having intercourse with my husband then whiles being on treatment for the yeaSt my period came just for four days then stopped I'm normally  a seven days period girl. However the main part is here, I've missed my period for the month of March Im not afraid of being pregnant because it's ny husband and I desire but I'm worried wether or not it's my husbands' or ex...


Sarah Gannie - April 3

Also I did a home test last week but it showed negative...Plz help me here.


Beesafe - April 3

Did tests all negative but periods late what to do


Grandpa Viv - April 3

Sarah, you aren't complaining of any early pregnancy signs (unless you ccount the yeast) so my guess is that you are not pregnant. Run another test a week after the last to prove it - the yeast and treatment may be delaying your period.

Beesafe, a woman sometimes skips for a variety of reasons. Run another test a week after the last and then just wait it out.


Sarah Gannie - April 3

Grand pa viv at times I would feel nausea but no vomiting I would also feel week at times meaning light headed. I will do anther test this week that's approaching. Thanks very much for ur support. Xoxo.


Grandpa Viv - April 4

Sarah, you had a February period even if it was shorter than ususal so that puts the ex out of the running. Your negative test at the end of March confirms you were not pregnant from sex the first part of February. If you did not have sex with anyone after that period (husband included) it is difficult to see how you can be pregnant now. I wonder if you have PCOS ovarian cysts which are stopping you from getting pregnant and also might explain your present signs of early pregnancy.


Sarah Gannie - April 5

Omg....I was hoping it'd not the cyst....I will make contact with my Dr as soon as possible

I am currently experiencing abdominal cramps and yesterday I was nausea for the entire day also light headed.



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