Legal Pregnancy PLZ HELP

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confuzed - August 23

hey i just figured out that i was pregnant and i am 18 yrs old and my bf is only 17...can i get in trouble for him being under-age? and his and my parents dont even know we have been seeing eachother we have kept it a secret for a year and a half?? so plz tell me if i can get in trouble and with him being 17 can he move out with me legally with us having a child together (we will b 18 by the time the baby gets here) plz help thanx


confuzed - August 24

SOME ONE PLZ HELP if neone knows plz answer me i really need to know!!!


redd - August 24

No hun you wont get in touble, and yes he could move out with you to, but you would have to be involed in more things, just because he's 17.


confuzed - August 24

involved in more things like what???


im confuzed - August 24

im so confused plz explain i dont understand what ur talking about?!?


j. - August 24

I've been told that you should be fine. I'm not sure about the moving out, but since he's a full adult by the time you have your baby, you guys will be able to live where you want/can afford. There must be someone who can advise you about his moving out, the info has to be somewhere. The net? The library? Some youth group? Some youth help line? Some adult you can confide in? I wish you all the best with your pregnancy!!


confuzed - August 24

thank u very much j!!


anonymous - August 29

My wife and I were 17 and 16, respectively (whoa... I know) when she got pregnant with our oldest son. We were married at 18 and 17. Normally, if authorities pursue a case like this, it's the other way around on gender. If you express a desire to marry, or support each other, no judge in the world would prevent that. Don't worry. If you love hime and your new baby, then get going, you'll be fine. My wife and I are approaching our 9th anniversary, have an 8 and 4 year old with one on the way. Be strong and stick together, all things are possible. Not that long ago, it was fine to marry at a very young age. Don't let anyone indicate to you that you can't do it. My wife stays at home and I now have a great job as a print company exec. Be tough and love each other. Trust God and you'll be just fine.


confuzed - August 31

thank you soooo much u have no idea how much better i feel!! thank you again!!!


Lilly - August 31

Nope, I was the same age as you, and my boyfriend 17 when we first had s_x and I didn't go to jail. I had to confess it to the Police when I applyed for a City Job for Police Records and it didn't affect me getting the job. But anyways I know that when I was in high school my teacher told us a story about how his wife got arrested at 18 for having s_x with him at 17 in the car. I mean as long as they don't catch you <in the act> you should be fine. Just worry about you getting the best of care and taking your vitamins you got enough to deal with at this time. Good Luck.


Rachel - September 30

I'm not sure how it is in your state, but in Missouri, the legal age is it might be there too


confuzed - October 5

anyone know the laws of this in ohio?\


confuzed - October 6

yes it does thank you sooo much



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