Making Gf Pregnant

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Bruce - February 12

Hi me and my gf have recently been trying for a baby, c_m inside her twice now first time her being on top second time me being on top and c_mming in her, but she still isnt pregnant so does it take quite a few times or something as i am confused the second time after our s_x big patch of my c_m on the bed too not sure if it was all my c_m or most of it? wen i c_m inside her all my c_m should go insde her and not come out right? and im not sure while i was c_mming in her weather my p__s was pushed all the way in, does it need to be pushed all the way in to the back in order for it to work and her to become pregnant? does it take more than a few times of s_x and c_mming inside of her to fall pregnant? is there anything wrong with me or is it nothing to worry about and we should just keep trying and wait till she does fall pregnant? look forward to the replys, thanks very much in advance.


lilmama - February 12

even if some comes out there is still some that stays in. Sometimes it takes a while to get pregnant, just keep trying, its the fun part anyway!!! Try having her put a pillow under her b___t with you on top, that way gravity can help keep more s____n inside of her. Good luck and have fun trying!


kim - February 13

okay, i've had this problem. it was like winning the lottery for me to finally get pg. it took forever. if you really want to up your chances, wait till she's off her monthly then go at it everyday till the next cycle. another thing is that gravity helps the sperm swim to the egg, so prop her up somehow. also, it helps if she's "wet" because thats what your sperm swims in to get to the egg. oh, and make sure she doesn't use any soaps INSIDE of her, it can kill sperm


BBK - February 14

find out her menstruation schedule. then try to have intercourse during the 10th day after her last period started and keep going at it for the next few days at least. When trying to conceive don't ejaculate more than once a day as sperm count can be low like that. Best positions are missionarry (you on top) and doggy (from the back). Most importantly stress: if it's a stressful time take a vacation that time.


Janey - February 15

From what I know you are not supposed to hve s_x every day but rather every other day to keep your sperm count high. Do it during her time of ovulation or right before because it can take up to five days for the sperm and egg to meet. Not all of your c_m will stay in her so don't worry about that at all. There are tons and tons of sperm in just a little drop!


raju - August 2

hi evry body in s_x no friend r aloved


A - August 6

My book says to start 6 days after the start of the period for the next 14 days every other day.



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