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celia - March 28

how do you m____ee? sorry but i have never done this


to c. - April 5

sounds good to me.


M - April 6

I am surprised at the lack of maturity in some of these questions and answers. Also the language and grammar. Are young women going to school anymore? Being taught to respect people and their opinions?


haha - April 13

okay you have to hold your leg open, you put two of your fingers in your mouth then take them out then rub your finger on the c___t while playing with your t_ts. in dont forget the p___n to help you out.


2 m who ever you are - April 17

lighten up. Practices what you preach you making that comment shows that you didn't complete school and are not respecting people and there opinions. no one has made a negative comment up until yours. if you don't like the grammar that people chose to use then x out of this site. if you would have finished school you would have known that this is a free country and people can say what they want. it's called freedom of speech


joanna - April 17

you can also take a pillow places it between your legs and think of Allen to him and tell him how good it feels. That always does it for me. QUICK AND TO THE POINT.


Layla - April 18

But if you listen to McHammer and U Can't Touch This comes on do you have to stop when it says "Stop, Hammer Time"?


Karen - April 19

All this masterbation talk is making me so d__n h__y


Oh My God.......LOL - April 20

This question is to d__n funny....Hey Celia how old are you? How could you not know how to m_________e? I don't buy it, im sure you are reading all these responses getting off on hearing what people have to say...It's all good... All ya ladies are making me h__y now.


mary - April 20

have you preggies tried laying naked on furs? do it and you will feel like your on cloud 9.


T. - April 20

LOL!!! Celia, are you really a 35 yr. old man who never gets any and just posted this question to get off on women's answers? If so, get a life!!


DJ - April 21

I'm with T. This is a guy. Don't entertain him ladies!



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