Masturbation And The Side Effects

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adora - August 1

I'm 31 years old and in my 24th week of my pregnancy. Since the time we got to know I was pregnant, my husband refused to have s_x with me though the doctor advised us to be careful, but to no avail. He's too scared to have s_x with me. Anyways, as for me, I have a very high libido and I crave for s_x a lot, so I started m____eing as early as in my 3rd month uptil now..the problem is that after m____eing, i'm experiencing sharp pains in my pelvic area..specially while sleeping and turning's usually in the pelvic at times...when i sit for longer periods...I get those these pains normal or is it due to m____eion...I haven't told my doctor that I m____ee though I did mention her about the pains and she said it's normal as the uterus' weight is on the pelvic area...I'm confused..I can't stop my urge to m____ee at times and I can't bear this pain..please help...!!!


clindholm - August 1

I would call the doctor and just say you were having s_x, it's not really alot different (the result is the same) It's probably your uterus contracting from orgasm.


Teddyfinch - August 1

i'm going to a__sume you are having these pains where your leg meets your body. on this inside of the joint? yeah, i'm around the same time you are and am having the same problems. it's because you might not be sleeping with a pillow between your knees. it's just our pelvics doing funny stuff. even if i don't get any action, i hurt from it lol. it's perfectly normal and a nice fluffy pillow helps wonderfully.


Malica - August 2

Sounds like Symphisis Pubis Dysfunction which is caused by loosening ligaments. It's nothing due to s_x/masturbation, but is due to the hormone relaxin that helps your ligaments stretch to make room in your pelvis during labour. Turning over in bed, standing on one foot (even to get dressed in the morning), pain getting in and out of the car are the most common times the problem really acts up but by about 35 weeks I would get this pain if I was in the same position for even just a 10 minute drive in the car. Definitely start sleeping with a pillow between your legs and try to find a ma__sage therapist or physiotherapist in your area who is experienced with treating SPD. The one I found in my area worked wonders for me.



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