Missed Period But Past History

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liz - July 24

i am late with my period ( 9 days) and i have a history of ovarian cysts. i went to the doctor in april and he said i have a cyst. from what i read so far if you have a normal cyst they usually go away in 60 days but i am now late with my period. i did a at home pregnancy test and it was negative and that was when i was 7 days late. how do i know if i am pregnant?


wow! - June 19

somtime you have to wait at least 2 week s to take a test. What does it feel like to have cysts? Is it painful and do you have feelings of being pregnant with them.


anon. - June 20

i have ovarian cysts. they can be painful, i've never been pregnant, but theyre sometimes like little stabbing knives. nothing too serious, but not fun


Shelly - June 22

Try testing again in a week. If it is negative again, go see your doctor.


Carrie - July 1

Im the same situation. I had a cyst rupture about a month and a half ago, but have had a period since then. Currently Im 9 days late (Im never late), but 2 tests Ive taken have came back negative. I took Clomid 150 mg in April (10th-14th) and in May (8th-12th), but nothing since and I havent detected Ovulation in months (home scope tests and blood tests). I have Polysytic Ovarian Syndrom. My last period was May 31. The instructions said that a false negative can result in women with ovarian cysts. It also said that some women dont produce detectable levels of pregnancy hormones early in pregnancy. Im most likely just digging for any hope I can find :-(


Same - July 8

I am in the same boat!! It is so frustrating..we have been trying to get pregnant with no luck. My last period was May 10 and we are already in July(I have irregular periods but have NEVER missed a month) I don't feel pregnant. I too have cysts but they have never caused me any problems. I have taken two pregnancy test ...but both came back negative. Any suggestions???? I have scheduled an appt. w/my gyne in a week


seipati - July 9

Go to a doctor and do a blood pregnacy test.


emma - July 13

email emmalpartridge@hotmail.com hi there i have cyst in march and had larser treament and had them revmoved im only 20 and have now got my periods back and now all of a sudden after 2 month of getting my period mack on track i am now 3 days late today after taking a test it came back NEGATIVE im so stressed and i wanna be pregantant and have been trying ?? whens the earlier you can take a test ?


Hey - July 13

How does it feel to have a cycst rupture? Do you feel symptoms prior to this???


same - July 14

seipati, thanks for your reply. I was hoping someone had been through what I am going throught to put me at ease while I wait for my dr. appt.


Carrie - July 24

I didnt have any warnings when my cyst ruptured. I was walking through the grocery store and had a few sharp pains (later I found out that was a smaller cyst that ruptured. About 4 hours later, I was at home and in so much pain I couldnt get up off the couch. My husband helped me up. I tried to take a step and had shooting pains with every step. It was horrible. Giving birth to my daughter was nothing compaired to this. My husband carried me to the jeep and off to the ER. From a previous Ultra sound (2 weeks prior), they speculate that the cysts that ruptured where between 12 and 18 cm.



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