Missionary Position During Pregnany

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worried - December 4

i am 27 weeks pregnant and my husband and i are still having s_x. the other night he was on top and he layed down on my stomach during the s_x. it didnt hurt at all but now im starting to worry that it may have hurt the baby. can it?


Jbear - December 4

Your baby is very well cushioned inside of you. You would get uncomfortable long before the baby was in any danger. Sometimes the baby will quit moving for a while after you have s_x, I think it's because they're rocked to sleep by the motion. When you get further along, to where your belly gets in the way for s_x, doggie-style works well.


worried - December 4

i just have the feel that it squished her or something..i guess i just doont understand how she can be ok when he had ll his weight on top of her


SECONDS - December 29

Hey Jbear.. My wife is on the 33 week. please let me know if s_x is advaisable and if so what all possission is good. she is heafty too. awaiting your advice.


Maria - December 29

Well if you were THAT concerned about it you wouldn't have let your husband lay down all his weight on you after having s_x. Do you know how childish you sound? Oh yeah TO: SECONDS+ I am 29wks and another good position is you siting on a chair with no arm rest and letting your pregnant wife sit on you!I would suggest that you do this with a couch or bed near by so if she gets too tired she can stand up doggie style and you can finish behind her. My husband and I did this and he said he loved it!


SECONDS - December 29

Jbear, any other good position. kinda scared let me know u r valuable advice.


Jbear - December 30

SECONDS, you can do the missionary position, but instead of leaning over her belly, stay upright and put her legs on your shoulders, or hold her legs up at the knees. You could also try it with her lying on her side. She lifts up one leg, and you put a knee on either side of her other leg. You might have to spread your knees a bit to get low enough to enter her. Let her rest the leg that's elevated on your shoulder, or hold it up for her. Go slow at first...it feels like a funny angle to the woman until she's used to it. And whatever position you use, don't forget to cuddle your wife and tell her how beautiful she is while she's carrying your baby...us women need that kind of rea__surance during pregnancy.


seconds - December 30

Jbear...... I was told that the pregnent women should'nt lie on her back and if in case she lies on her back there are chances that the blood flow to the baby would be less or no blood flow at all and this will be difficult to the baby and dangerous. plz clarify


Jbear - December 30

She shouldn't sleep on her back. Lying on her back for a little while during s_x is all right, she might find it a little hard to breathe that way, though, and propping herself up on a couple of pillows can help. I'm not sure how true the thing about not sleeping on your back while you're pregnant is, either...I read about a study they did that found that pregnant women automatically rolled over in their sleep if the uterus pressing on veins and restricting blood flow. I slept on my back during my first pregnancy, just because I couldn't sleep any other way. But during my second pregnancy, I was told that I had to sleep on my left side to reduce swelling (I had preeclampsia).


AS - January 1

missionary is so boring....jeez, get creative you're pregnant! You're gonna run out of room soon, start experimenting now! LOL


SECONDS - January 2

HEY AS, u experiment as well take up risk and do let us know.


As - January 5

Risk?- from s_x??!! That's how yougot pregnant.---why would it suddenly change? Unless your doc says to refrain from s_x, than by all means enjoy a healthy s_x-life.


Mickel Angela - July 28

I am 30 weeks pregnant. We still have sex in missionary position. Sometimes my partner lay down on my stomach while having sex. Again, he inseminate a lot into my vagina. Can anyone answer me "Is is safe for me a hardcore sex, husband lying on stomach or insemination?" Also, has it any benefit my sex for my child? Does the baby feel our romance?




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