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kristy - December 21

My husband will not touch me, he says it is not because he worrys about the baby, it is because he just isn't attracted to me right now. It has been almost two months since the last time we had s_x. My question is, do I leave him alone and not tell him how this really upsets me, or do I tell him he is a pig because he put me in this postion.


BBK - December 21

Tell him if he can't do the job, he maybe outsourced


CM - December 22

Tell him he is being an insensitive jerk!! He should be worrying about your feelings during this time...lets face it we are all insecure while being pregnant because we have no control over our changing bodies and the fact that he straight out says he's not attracted to you is just going to make you feel ugly and unwanted. He should be MORE attracted to you know because you are doing something his body will NEVER be capable of.....maybe he's jealous? Regardless tell himhow you feel for sure!!! You have to sacrifice a lot for that baby dont try and protect his feelings!!!!


Krissy - December 23

My husband has been acting the same way! He says it is because he doesn't want to hurt the baby (he is pretty large in size) But he hasn't completely stopped touching me. I would tell him if he doesn't want to please you, you will find other ways to get your pleasure. It comes with AA batteries and can be just as satisfying!


Anon - December 23

Ok he is a jerk. Tell him how you feel about it, I dont think he took the time to realize that it might hurt your feeling if he said he didnt want to touch you because of your changing body...So, dont worry about his feelings when you tell him where to shove it. My hubby hasnt stopped touching me completely, but our s_x life has slowed down...ALOT, and that makes me feel awful, but i cant force him to like my new body...but at least he tries to please me. He tells me everyday that i am beautiful, and when I want to have s_x, I get to!! LOL he may not enjoy it as much as before, but I am not enjoying gaining 35 lbs either LOL.


Nikki - December 28

seduce him, slowly.


KA - January 10

I can understand how you feel because I feel the same way. I am now 8 mos and my husband hasn't touched me in 5 months. There is no correct answer to this question. I cannot give much advice as I wouldn't be in this situation if I had a solution. All I can say is hang in there and look forward to the baby and after the baby comes, you wouldn't even care how attracted he feels towards you.


Feeling the same - January 11

I had a similar but not exactly the same situation with my husband. We have talked about the issue and at least what he says is that he feels weird like he's having s_x with our baby in the room. I mean i'm 8 months pregnant so there is no hiding the belly! WE had two talks about the issue and that seemed to help. However, now I find that we're kind of back to where we were. When i got my cable bill I noticed he had ordered an Adult movie. I know it's stupid but i'm taking it personally. There's a part of me that understands and then another that feels like if he's watching that then I'm certainly not going to get any myself (since what usually precedes that takes care of his desires not to be too graphic.) I'm very torn and don't know what to think right now.



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