My Girlfriend Might Be Pregnant PLEASE HELP ME

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johnny - November 4

me and my girlfriend think there is a sMALL chance of her being pregnant and would get an abortion if it happened, but we are afraid that since bush was elected president again if they are illegal now... is it too late? if not when will they be illegal... we CANT have a child!


Dee - November 5

Johnny, Relax, wait and see if she is pregnant first. I don't know if she has missed a period yet or not but relax. Hopefully she won't be. If she isn't - be more careful next time, if she is - it's not the end of the world. I wouldn't rush into abortion without knowing the full facts of how they carry out the procedure, the effect on the unborn and most importantly the effect it may have on your girlfriend first. Good luck


Anon - November 5

Johnny, Bush did not ban abortion. Yes, he is trying to, but its very doubtful he will succeed. So, no you are not too late.... HOWEVER, please make sure that is your last option. try adoption if you cant take care of the baby financially, and that is what is holding you back, But if its for more intense reasons, then no abortion is not illegal.


To Johnny - November 5

Yeah your right Johnny. All abortions are now illegal again. Guess you have to start practicing feeding the baby to be. So unless you want to feed another baby, you better keep it in your pants or stop having unprotected s_x. It is rumored that starting Jan 1, 2005 their going to start enforcing the molestation law against minors. So you might want to stop before you go to jail.


brandy - November 14

y do u have 2 have an abortion, y cant u do something like adoption or something? how old is ur girlfriend n e way?


E - November 14

Oh and Brandy, it is not anyone's responsibility to go through with a pregnancy for the sake of someone wanting to adopt. I am so sick of and annoyed with people pushing this on women as if there are not HUGE emotional consequences for some people. Not everyone wants to do this for someone and it is NOT their responsibility either.


E - November 18

Jessica - Exactly what about my post does not make sense (sence for your comprehension) to you?


KL - November 18

It's not illegal, but get one soon if that's what you're going to do. It's sad after 12 weeks, because the baby is kinda formed But don't let people scare you out of getting it before then if that's what you want to do. Good Luck!


ganstama - November 19

well i guess you have to deal with the consquences and the responsiblity you put your self in just take it there is a reason for everything and there is a reason for this do what you think is right if you think killing the baby is right then go ahead but remember your mom didn't kill you so why not do the same child.



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