My Girlfriend Will Be Pissed If I Got This Girl Pregnant

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kurt - February 13

My girlfriend and I got in a fight last week and broke up. So tonight I went out with this girl from work, We wound up having s_x. I didn't have a condom and when I told her I would just c_m in her as a joke she said "go ahead I'm ovulating" I really thought it was a birth control of some kind and came in her. She just left so I looked up ovulating on line and now I am freaking. She is 23 and has 1 kid and lives with her parents. I don't think she knows what I did because I did c_m on her a little too. Do you think she is trying to get pregnant or was she kidding? What is the chance she is pregnant? Should I let her know so she can go to the doc? I wont see her for 5 days and I don't have her phone number. My GF and I may still work it out but if she finds out about this it may end it for good.


To Kurt - February 13

If she is ovulating you have a pretty good chance of her being pregnant. As soon as you can you need to find out whether she was kidding or not and then go from there. Next time remember to always use protection especially when you don't know the other person very well. Best of luck.


kurt............... - February 13

congrats you are probably gonna be a daddy!


Hey Kurt - February 14

I think congrats is in order here. May you be the daddy you always wanted to be.


Ginger - March 1

I want to know if she is pregnant, Kurt?


<Amy> - March 3

All i can say is that if she is pls don't up and leave her to do it on her own if she decides to keep it as it takes 2 to tango, I'm now pregnant and the father has fcuked off and left me as he says he "isn't going to fcuk up his and his girlfriends life". Take responsibility of your actions!


HA - March 16

Ha Ha


Good luck - April 11

thats good for yor a__s .i cant stand a man that would cheat and yeah you did say ya broke up but you new there was a good chance of ya getting back to gether....Secong you must be dumb as hell to not know what ovulating mean.Good luck buddy


Chyna - April 12

your girl friend should never get back with you. how could you love your girlfriend or a baby if you don't love yourself. it's dangerous out here being pregnant should be the least of your worries you need to be tested for std's and most importantly AIDS. if she was willing to allow you not to use protections then maybe she's already sick and doesn't care who she infects. I understand every one makes mistakes you need to be tested then tell your girlfriend the truth. next time think with your head and not the one between your legs


Put a hat on - April 12

I agree with Chyna, if a girl will let you have unprotected s_x with her, you have to wonder how many other people she has done without protection. Probably alot. I would be more concerned with getting and STD test and an abundant supply of condoms than anything at this time. She surely doesn't want to have another kid, considering that she already has one and is living with her parents. She sounds like she needs some help. So do you. Be more careful. Girls can really get you with those diseases and then you have a gift that keeps on giving.



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