My Husband Lost Interest In Sex

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Anne - November 7

I am 6 months preg. and my husband has completely lost interest in s_x . The first three months was great but after that, ZERO. He is very loving and sweet, he kisses and hugs me all the time, but he says he is affraid intercourse might hurt me or the baby; I feel it is because I am not attractive anymore and not only it is devastating my self esteem, but I ..."have needs"!!! I don´t necesarily feel like asking for s_x as a favor. I dread we are running out of time because I know that during last trimester and after the baby being born things won´t get better. Is this normal? Has anyone experienced something similar? I am sure he loves me but... should I tell him that I not only want it, but need it? Can anyone give me some advice of how to handle the situation, or am I condemned to months of nothing-at-all?


Philip - November 7

The short answer is Yes! You should tell him exactly what you said here: That you want it, that you need it, and that his lack of interest is devastating to your self-esteem, and that it makes you feel un-atractive. Based on the fact that he is still afectionate with you, I would say that if you are honest with him, he will come around. If his concern really is that the baby might be hurt, take him with you to your doc, and let him hear from the doc exactly what might or might not hurt the baby. Be honest with your husband, and make sure that you are not critical with him or put the blame on him, it sounds like his primary concern is your well-being and the baby's, and make sure that you let him know you appreciate that.


Anne - November 7



Jbear - November 10

My husband was like that when I was pregnant for the second time. I tried explaining to him that I still desired him, but he was so stressed out by the thought of another child that he physically couldn't have s_x with me...After our baby was born our s_x life got back to normal, or maybe even a little better. (And it was about time, I was getting ready to name my vibrator!)



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