Need Advice Don T Know If I Am The Father

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Philip - September 5

My wife and I have been married for 1 year and 4 months. We just found out 2 weeks ago that she is 2 months pregnant. I just found out his weekend that she has been having affairs with at least 4 other guys. I have suspected things for some time, but never any proof. She won't get a paternity test, but I have no idea if this baby is mine. Because of the timing, I think it is very likely that it is not. If it is not mine, I will divorce her, and let her go her own way, but there is no way I will just let go of my child, if it is mine. If I try to pressure her abou it, she said she would just dissappear, and I would never hear from her, and I would never see the baby. What the heck do I do?


Nina - September 6

I dunno wat u can do, besides testing, but if she wont, then she obviously knows that the child is not yours. I feel pretty bad for you. Hope everything goes well. Besides, you can wait until the baby is born, then you can test for DNA.


C - September 7

Contact an attorney who specializes in family law and see what your rights are under your area's laws. I don' t think she can just refuse your request for a paternity test, especially if she is claiming that it is yours. Good luck.


Angela - September 12

Philip, I am so sorry for your situation I don't think anyone stays faithfull anymore when the baby is born have a paternity test done and take that baby and raise it with morals and values.


Im sorry - September 15

Stay with her until the baby is born, then you can have a DNA test without her knowing, you can just swipe the inside of the babies mouth with a q-tip and have it tested. I had 2 friends do this. Talk to a doctor, for help!! Hope everything works out for you!!


Philip - September 15

Thank you for your responses, I will have to at least wait until the baby is born to do anything since she refuses. I am not even sure what to hope for at this point. Anyway, to respond to Angela, some people do stay faithfull these day, I am one of them. I have never been unfaithfull to my wife, even through all of this. I just wish that I had married someone who did the same. Thanks again for your responses.



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