Need Help About Possibly Pregnant GF

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povey151 - June 18

My girlfriend is possibly pregnant. We dont have s_x often as we are in a long distance relationship. We last had s_x 7 weeks ago and now she is just shy of 7 weeks late. She has had several pregnancy tests come back negative as well as 1 blood test. Our question is is there a possibility that she is still pregnant? She has almost every symptom of first trimester pregnancy. Another question also there a test we can do at this stage to be 100% accurate?


sunshyne9 - June 19

Hey there.. can I ask does she know when her last period was?? the exact date? And does her periods come regular? I had irregular periods all my life and when I got pregneat with my 1st I took about 4 home tests and would have been about 5, and 6 weeks pregneat and it showed up negative.. I finally went to get a blood test done and then it finally showed up. Just relax and wait and see if it comes. Sometimes stressing about not getting your period can make it be late. Is she not on the pill? and maybe you guys should use condoms even if seh is on the pill.. double protection is the best way.. Good luck


povey151 - June 19

I dont know her exact date but she claims she has NEVER been irregular and should've started 7 weeks ago to this date. This would be 2 missed by now.


amandasue - June 19

I'm a lab tech in a doctors office, as well as 19 weeks pregnant. Blood tests are always the most reliable ways of detecting pregnancy, however even they won't pick up on the HCG in the blood right away. Sometimes there just isn't enough HCG produced in the beginning to set off a positive. I took a home pregnancy test on a Saturday, which was negative. I took another one that Tuesday and it was positive. After going into the doctor that next week, he confirmed I was 7 weeks pregnant at that time. It's a good idea to space out the home urine tests every two days, but if you are really needing to know, then return in for a blood draw. Also, some doctor's offices won't do a serum pregnancy test unless you tell them you had a positive home one. So make sure that if they tell her no, you tell her to tell them she had a positive one if she is really freaking out and wanting to know.



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