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Nigel - May 15

I was in a 2 year relashionship.My girlfriend brokeup with me so to help stop the hurt I went out and got drunk. A women sat next to me and wanted to talk. Well we ended up at her house and had a one night stand and 10 days later she told me she was pregnant and it could be mine or someone eltses. Is there a chance it could be mine? My girlfriend and I broke up November 18. The women that says the baby could be mine says she is 26 weeks but she looks more like 32 weeks. PLEASE HELP ME!! I am a man I dont know these things!


Kaz - May 16

I'm sorry but how can you tell the difference between 26 and 32 weeks pregnant? Anyway, this woman sounds like she has no idea who's the baby is... just walk away. Be sure to get checked for STD's, If she doesn't know who Dad is then she could be carrying anything.


lilmama - May 16

ok, so here is my take- you had s_x with her and then ten days later she knew she was pregnant? Nope, thats way too soon to tell. Sounds like she got pregnant by some dead beat and is trying to pa__s it off on you so her baby will have a daddy. Get a paternity test done the minute that baby is born! Best of luck


Nigel - May 16

Thank you both very much! I just hope she will agree to have a paternity test.


lilmama - May 16

doesnt matter if she agrees or not, its your right. You are welcome


C - May 16

I agree...10 days later is way too soon for her to be pregnant with you. She is obviously lying. Get a paternity test for sure. Good Luck:)


She is nuts - May 17

10 days is way to lilmama said she probably did get pregnant by a dead beat. I would take her a__s to Maury Povich and get a paternity test!!...U are Not the


Nigel - May 18

Thank you ladies very much for your time! I just dont want to be the bad guy in all of this. Thanks agin!


Melissa - May 19

You shouldn't have a one night stand with a stranger! But you did, how about using a condom??? You could have got a STD! I don't feel sorry for you, but I wouldn't believe her.


Lela - May 19

Why pa__s judgement on him? The deed is already done so asking him about a condom is a little too late, doncha you think? Just offer your advice and keep it moving. Damn! And yes, definitely get a paternity test. This happened to a good friend of mine. He had a one night stand and the girl didn't tell him she was pregnant until she was like 5 months. I told him don't believe her and get a test the minute that baby is born!


Nigel - May 19

For Melissa If I was not drunk yes I would have used a condom. But I was drunk I was not in the right minde at the time!


Nigel - May 19

I am starting not to beleave her but if it is then I will step up to the plate.Once again thank you all!!!


kp - May 20

Boy don't you be no d__n FOOL!!! It is not impossible for the baby to be yours, but it is highly unlikely. Your best bet is to get a test.


Nigel - June 5

Hi its me again. I have another question. She told me the baby could be minie or someone elts. Well just the other day she told me the baby was minie after we had a big fight. Can she get a paternity test done now? She is 7 1/2 months.


mody - June 28

watsh tha men shat


To Nigel - June 28

If she's 7 1/2 months along, and you broke up with your girlfriend on November 18, at best the one-night girl would be 6 1/2 - 7 months if it was yours by your last post. Has she contacted this someone else or is she only hara__sing you? It sucks, but you'll have to be patient and wait till that baby is born. Let us know how it turns out!


Look here Nigel - June 28

If she is still bugging you, tell her you will require positive proof with a DNA test before you give her one dime. Tell her also if the test is negative, you're going to sue the panties off her for fraud. That should give her something to think about. You may never hear from her again.



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