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Ashley - September 29

I've had my period for the last 6 years, but it's very irregular. I had it regularly for 4 months and then the last 2 months it hasn't come. I just recently lost my virginity and used a condom,ofcourse. My question is: If you haven't had your period in 2 months and you used a condom; is it likely to get pregnant? Or can you get pregnant if your period doesn't come? Thank you.


The answer is........ - September 29

Look here your s_x ed level you're playing with fire. Without proper s_x ed, one is more likely to become pregnant. To answer your question, a missed period (pregnancy) is the most likely result of unprotected s_x. Are you ready to be a mother? My gut feeling is you are no where close to being ready for motherhood.


Ashley - September 29

My period stopped BEFORE I had s_x. It's always been very irregular, when I was still a virgin. And I'm not an idiot, I used protection.


$weetne$$ - October 2

maybe you should ask your doctor to test you for PCO (polycystic ovaries) cos those are the same things i have...ive been having perios for 8 years now and they have never been regurlar and sumtimes they stop for months on get tested out...but dont worry too much and i dont think your pregnant..take care ;o)


angel_one - October 5

ahhhh "the answer is" so maybe thats why we who are ttcing take so long to fall pg, we have a too hight s_x ed level!! lol


ashley - October 19

its ok to ask questions. some ppl arnt confortable talking to there parents about s_x. and an unbias awnser from an online source is ok . im glad to hear you used protection. however. talk to your parents. and tell them you would like to get some bc ( birth control) and keep using condoms. if you used a condom. and it didnt break . all the seminal fluid was in it.. in the end... id say you are fine. sometimes stress.. like worrying about being pregnant. could cause you to miss a period as well. however if you have missed to . you would be able to tell with a home pregnancy test . that way you can find out without telling anyone. good luck hun


Mellissa - October 19

If you're not pregnant, be sure and take the responsibility to educate yourself. If your school doesn't offer any proper s_x education (accept preaching abstinence) then get on the internet and look up all you can on STD's, pregancy and your body. If you think that you are responsible enough to be s_xually active (and let's face it, most of us did as teenagers when in fact, we never were) than be proactive. If you can get birth control with or without your parent's help than do so. If you can't talk to your parents, talk to a doctor or school counsellor. Even if you feel embarra__sed to discuss this stuff, they are not and will act proffessionally. It's much less embarra__sing to be caught with birth control than to explain to your parents, friends and teachers why you need to suddenly take a 9-month leave of absence from school. If it turned out that you were pregant, get help. You can't handle this alone. A 30 year old, well-employed women can't go without support from someone let alone a teenager. You need family or someone you trust.


Kris - October 22

Well stated Melissa!


Jodie - October 22

Chances are ,if you wore a condom and it did not rip then you prob. are not pregnant. Take a test. Anything is possible. If you donot want to be pregnant and are that worried and will be thatworried every time simply donot have s_x.


mno - October 31

what is s_x?



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