No G Spot

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kel - March 31

hey...i was just wondering if not having a g spot is possible? ive been looking for a really long time and i havent found a spot that feels good. s_x doesnt feel good either. i dont know if theres something wrong with me or whats up..if anyone knows PLEASE leave an answer.


nicole - April 1

i think everyone has a g spot, its just a matter of finding it. i know that all the times ive had s_x with my bf i have NEVER ad an orgasm, for some reason i can only have one if i masturbate.


kel - April 1

i dont even orgasm when i masturbate. :-/


S - April 1

How old are U,Kel? I know when I was younger,I was almost numb...with the age I started to feel more and more..and now I have all the feelings woman is supposed to have.


anonymous - April 1

In order for me to orgasm during s_x, I have to maually stimulate myself. I have never had an orgasm otherwise....


kel - April 1

im 16. i know im still young and shouldnt even be having s_x and im not going to anymore because its too much stress on me. But my friends and I talk about this stuff alot and they all have one. Its a little awkward when my bf fingers me and says "why is this taking so long?" so i just have to fake it and doesnt even know.


kel - April 1

I'm 16, i know im young to be having s_x and i told my boyfriend I dont want to and hes okay with that. I do talk to my friends about this stuff alot and they all have one. Maybe your right S, im still young.


to kel - April 3

If you're trying to have an orgasm by touching the inside of the v____a, that's why you haven't had one. G spot orgasms are rare for a lot of women. You should try to give yourself a c___toral orgasm. There's a sensitive area about an inch or two above the v____al opening, toward the top of the labia, that most women stimulate to produce orgasm.


Gwiip - April 3

First of all you have to get to know your bodys reactions. If something feels good where is that spot.? Do you get your partner to focus on the movements that feels good? Can you relax and let the feelings build or do you change postions? Do you chafe easily. These things all infunece having an orgasim. If you let the guy do 'wham bam thank you mam' without guideance you will have an orgasim in about 1000 years. Lean to love your body and if you never find the g spot you will find a spot you like. Like other posts' said start with the c___toris.


denena - April 5

i only orgasim when i am getting fingered s_x doesn't feel all that great


haha - April 13

then maybe you are gay in you will like a woman to touch you in all the right places!!!!


keep looking - April 13



mya - April 17

that's correct. The right man is all you need I'm 23 and I still don't think I have had an orgasm but . I'm not a very s_xual person because s_x is point less to me and not enjoyable I always felt like something was wrong with me but over all it depends on your body and the right man. all my friends have great s_x and that would be the only reason I had s_x just to experience what they have. well I never did. I wouldn't even get as wet as I should and most of the time it would hurt going in. during s_x I'll get wet and it will build up but never like what I've hard. so over all I had a problem. LITTLE STORY. I met this guy in college and I had a crush on him for maybe 2 years we were cool with each other but he never new how I felt well on day we exchanged numbers and we talked for maybe another year before he changed my life. he asked me to come over to his apt and one thing led to another I still can't believe what happened all I remember is his size and how scared and shy I was. once it was all said and done I still didn't get an orgasm but I was dripping wet. and I didn't know what was going on I was so embarra__sed but didn't think about it until after the fact. I asked him what was this with my hands wiping my thighs and showing him and he answered you .meaning I was soupy wet. he took me some were no man has. that's how I know there's nothing wrong with me and am very confident in saying that a man just didn't turn me on. for people like you and I it's just a matter of turning you on.and how much you really want that person. I should of married him and I'm sure I could have had an orgasm if I wasn't so nervous


kel - April 18

hey. its me. uhh of over the weekend, this guy i really liked came over and we did some stuff, and he was like can i just see what it feels like to have s_x without a condom? ill do it for like 2 seconds. (ive had s_x with him before so yeah.) and he put it in for like 2 seconds like he said, but i was giving him head before that but he couldnt get off bc my room isnt really the best place to do stuff in...bc its like full of clouds and teeny bopperish. but ya im really worried that maybe some pre c_m got inside but idk and now im really worried bc i cant be pregnant and i know im probably overreacting but who knows. helppppp!


Lauren - June 20

Does he prec_m easily? my boyfriend and i have done that many times and so far its been safe. If your really worried go get a pregnancy test. but you should wait till later because the later you do it the more accurate the test. if he doesnt prec_m easily, then there probably isnt anything to worry about good luck :-)


To all Ladies - June 20

You must achieve orgasm!! Most importantly, you have to be able to mentally (try fantasies).. On the top part of your v____a (between the lips and not the whole) you should feel some type of arousal that way. When having s_x with my husband, I usually get my big O every time I'm on top. While making love on top I also have stimulation which helps the O. There are several arousal spots.. I took Human S_xuality in college (I have a degree in Psychology) this cla__s helped a lot. I didn's have my big O till I was 21 or 22. 60% of women has never experienced the big O, it's a beautiful feeling especially while making love with your lover.



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