No Sexual Urges

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akeelah - July 3

I am 5 mths pregnant and dont have any s_xual urges my boyfriend gets very upset about this Am i alone in this?


piratesmermaid - July 3

You are not alone. Usually one of two things happen during your second trimester: either you really want to have s_x or you don't. I didn't have any s_xual urges either. But you don't really have control over it, it's your hormones. My husband was frustrated, but he understood. Make sure your boyfriend understands that your body is changing right now, and that after you have the baby your hormones will go back to normal. There is no reason for him to get so upset.


Erynn21 - July 5

I wish I had been the same way, but I wanted s_x, and my hubby doesn't. He looks at me and sees our baby, at first it hurt my feelings, but he doesn't want to hurt us. Eventhough he knows it would all be okay he's just weird about it. I guess it happens to expecting fathers too.


KLT - July 5

I have zero desire. I thought by now it would pick up...but nope. Its pretty frustrating since my husband wants to do it all the time...and while he understands and is so patient with me, I still feel really bad. I can't even get myself to a point where I could fake it. I then worry about the fact that after the baby is born...WHO has time? It seems like a full year will have to pa__s by before things get back to "normal"...between the pregnancy time and having a newborn. : (


EmpressNnena - July 22

U r not alone! I'll be 5 months next week and I still don't have the urge to have s_x. Before I got pregnant I was a, but now u can't get me to say s_x! It's like that with some women...others love to have s_x while prego.


Darknessangel87 - July 25

You are definitely not alone. I'm almost into my third trimester and I have yet to want s_x at all. I feel horrible and like I'm a bad girlfriend, but like KLT said, I can't even get myself to fake it. Does anyone have any suggestions for those of us who don't want it?


baby1forme - July 29

You have a whole gaggle of women with the same feelings.... just on this forum! I have just started lubing up and gettin down, I don't really feel like it either, but I always feel close to my husband when I do.



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