Not Sure If My Husband Is The Father So Scared Advice Plz

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scaredandconfused25 - September 27

hi i had the first day of my period on 22nd august and i had unprotected s_x with my husband on 24th 25th 26th and also 1st 2nd and 3rd of september. but somewhere between the 4th and 6th of my ex came round and 1 thing led to another and he did manage to penetrate for about 2mins but that was all he did not ejaculate. Now i am pregnant and worried if my ex could be the father i dont want him to be and i cant tell my husband what i did he would surely leave me. how likely is it that my husband is the father? please help :(


inuk-mama - September 27

well at some point you will have to tell your husband. What if the baby is not his? Will you then live life pretending the child is his? That wouldn't be very fair. I am not judging what you did. But you also have to think about your husband here. I know that it will be tough, but it's only right to tell him. As far as figuring out who the father is, I would talk to your dr. to find out when you conceived ad match that up with the date you were with your ex. Good luck to you!


sashasmama - September 27

I'm not going to judge you on anything you did, because you know better than anyone about what to do in the situation you are in. I can tell you though that I think it's your husband's baby BUT YOU NEVER KNOW. How long are your cycles? If based on a 28 day cycle then the days of 1st 2nd and 3rd would be the days after which you most likely have gotten pregnant (a__suming your husband ejaculated in you). The sperm can live in your body for 4-5 days. If you have 28 day cycles then you probably ovulated around the 4th of september, a little before if you have a shorter than 28 day cycle and a little after if they are longer. All that a__suming that your husband came in you every time you had s_x in those 3 days. But the thing is that you had s_x with your ex right around the time of ovulation...and we all know about pre-c_m. So I think this is a pretty sticky situation...even though the chances of the baby being your husband's are higher. The only way to find out for sure would be waiting to see the baby and if he/she resembles either your husband or your ex, but since it's so hard to tell when they are so little, then the only option you have is to do a DNA test. But it will be hard since you cannot do that without drawing your husband's blood...and therefore him finding out. If you still haven't told him of what happened by then and wouldn't be planning on telling anytime soon, then the only way out would be to get your ex to give blood and to see if the baby's DNA matches up with his.


kay101 - September 27

I think it really depends on how long your cycles are. When was your period due?


scaredandconfused25 - September 28

hi thx for the replies. Well i period normally comes the same sort of time every month so i was expecting it around the 22nd of this month i believe my cycles are normally 28 days.



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