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candace87 - March 25

my and my husband want to start a family were both 22 and have disscussed this. we feel like were ready and have soo much love to give. the problem is that my dad has always said that if me or my siblings ever have babies he will completly be out of our lives. I know that he would not change his mind ever even if i was 35 and had a baby he would still feel the same. im not to sure what to do iv always been a daddys girl and love my dad to death however i want to have children really bad and not sure what i should do i don't want to lose my dad


kimberly - March 26

You are a adult now! Your dad I am sure is a great man and he probably means well, but he CAN'T expect you to never have kids. That would be like telling you to become a nun. I understand sometimes as a parent you want the best for your kids, but he is overstepping a little don't you think. Are you married? If not I am sure if you get married and then have a baby he would eventually come around and if not then he will be the one missing out on his grandchildrens lives and his daughters, his loss! Do what feels right in your heart, if your dad loves you the way you say he does he would never really be able to disown you that way and well if he does he never really cared anyway.


clindholm - March 27

Why would he tell you to never have children? That seems awfully selfish. If he really loves you he will continue to love you once you have children. This is YOUR life not your fathers. I guess I just don't understand where he's coming from.


candace87 - March 27

well the thing is is that he was adopted and when he and my mom got preggo with me my dad wanted to give me up for adoption as they thought he was'nt old enough they were 23 whent they had me his dad was very cathlic and didnt want anything to do with me and my dad wasnt married however my dad stayed with my mom through her pregnancy and once i was born things changed my wanted to keep me and my grandfather came around and adored me so maybe he feels this way because of wat happened to him



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