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Cass - January 31

Kind of an odd question but. I am trying to get pregnant. When my husband ejaculates inside me, it usually will come out. I know my husband produces alot of semen but should it all come out like that? Should I stay laid down to allow the swimmer to do their job?


nagem - January 31

I know when my older sister was trying, after her boyfriend would c_m insider her she would lay on her back and put her legs in the air, she said she was helping gravity, she was pregnant w/i that month. So it is worth a shot :)


ca__s - January 31

I can keep in there if I want but eventually it will come out during the day.


Mrs o - January 31

Of course it will come out. But there are millions of sperm that take off swimming. Don't worry it will be ok.


nagem - February 1

sperm lives inside of you for about 4 days... if you are ovulating around the time that you have s_x i wouldnt worry :)


Raeanne - February 2

My hubby and I had the same problem but it really doesnt matter because I am now 15 weeks pregnant. I think it's a matter of timing like nagem said. OH and I also read that if you c_m together you have an easier time conceiving. Try it. It won't hurt. lol...Might even be fun. =0)


Ca__s - February 2

I usually reach orgasm about 2 times before he does. Since we started trying to pregant I usually switch to the bottom when he gets close. Wonder why they make so much s____n. I heard because men don't ask for directions. kidding I did read the same thing about a women having an orgasm first will help the chances


me - February 3

i did that thing to where you put your legs in the air, got pg the first time trying, i felt funny but hey it worked, lol


Sar - February 3

As soon as i had the slight pain of ovulation i dragged my husband to the bedroom, after i put pillows under me to prop my bottom half up and it worked! its natural for some to come out i was freaking out too but some must stay in there!


ashley - February 5

im only 11 but i know what to do.... if u want to get preggers, take an ingector thingy from the doctors used for people who can't get preggers..worth a shot!


yvonne - February 7

i am 18 weeks pregnant, we tried for two month before i became pregnant. i hated the feeling of the sperm coming out of me so i would go to the bathroom and sit on the toilet and clean myself, i still got pregnant.


jen - February 9

Hey you cant be on your back all day just lay there for about 20 min sperm reaches a high enough area it wont come out by then. what you do lose after is just dead sperm left over (retardasperm) they just aint swimmers lol. but yeah just relax for 20 min the continue with your day there is pleanty to go around and what IS gonna get there will be high enough in 20 min so it will be no thing good luck! oh btw i am 38 wks prego i know what i am sayin



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