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lil-chlo - July 21

i'm 14 and really want a baby. my mum and her mum both had babies at a young age and all the baby programmes that have been on recently have made me think about getting pregnant. i just can't find the right person. my cousin(through my dads adoptive parents) has offered to get me pregnant because he says he really likes me and wants another baby. he's 20 and he's got two kids already, and their mum was 15 when she had the first. should i go ahead with it?


Malica - July 21



RylansMommy - July 22

WTF! You did not just ask that! Are you crazy. No, no you should NOT go through with that! If your imature enough to ask such a stupid question, on the wrong form not less then you are deff. not mature enough to have children. You should still be playing with dolls! I would beat my little sister scenceless if she got pregnant on purpose at her age...and shes the same age as you. and way more mature!


clindholm - July 22

You will enjoy a baby and be a far better mom to any child if you wait a few years. It is always better to have a child with an actual father that you love and plan to be with than just some guy that is being a sperm donor. Please think of a child before you think of yourself and your wants and needs. You WILL NOT regret waiting. You have no idea how much a child will change and limit your left. Remember, they are not babies forever- they become kids.


Bilmes123 - July 25

Is this girl for real? ok so first off shes 14 and her cousin offers to get her pregnant....uh her cousin who is 20...wouldnt that be considerd child molestation?


exclusivefimale - July 25

OOOOOOOOOkaaaaaaaaaaayyyy are you serious... Lil Mama you need to be worrying about going to school and getting a career before getting pregnant... what you gonna be on welfare and depend on other people... you need to grow up and be a little mature seriously and then thinking of your cousin I hope this forum post was a joke!!!!!!!!!!!



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