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curious - February 1

My bf wants me to allow him to ejaculate into my mouth and swallow his semen after we have oral s_x. I am nervous because it looks like there is a good amount. Plus when he starts to come it shoots out hard. He is not being mean about it, but asked if this is something he could try. I think I want to try it but need some help. How can I without gagging. Thanks for any advice you can give.


Andi - February 1

My husband likes to do that, but I don't allow it a lot- it does make me gag. Not that it tastes bad to me but it kind of catches you off guard. I think that you two should give it a shot- oral s_x can be fun and it is always nice to spice up the relationship.


curious - February 1

We do engage in oral s_x but I haven't let him do it in my mouth. I just didn't want to ruin the mood by me chokin in front of him. Do you continue doing it while he is having his orgasm?


Becky - February 1

Girl...you need to do that! Your man will love you for it! I let my husband c_m all in my mouth....and then I swallow it!!! It doesn't taste bad at all...in fact I have gotten so use to the taste of his c_m I find it yummy now. and it is a huge turn on for him. Think about the edge you will have over women who don't swallow. It could really work to your advantage. Good Luck honey!


Ca__s - February 1

I'll give a try tonight. See what happens. I doubt he will say no,,, then I will ask for a new car.... Just kidding.


Becky - February 1

Exactly!! It can work to your advantage, I am telling you!!! Good for you!


Ca__s - February 1

Naaa, I am doing that cuz I love em. Plus I think it turns me on a little.


Ca__s - February 8

finally tried it. I have to admit it turned me on a little. I find if I wait until he finishes, I don't choke.


Cindy - March 1

there ya go Curious. My man likes that too


Jae - March 1

hi curious, when you feel your man is about to c_m take it as deep into the back of your mouth/throat as you feel comfortable it makes it easier for when he c_ms as from personal experience i find you dont gag as much.......good luck


joanie - March 22

Yes. Use your tongue to block the back of your throat, and let him go loose. I find it fun too.


sm - March 22

A rather personel question, I have no problems with it with my current boyfreind but in the past have done spit not swallow, a few tissues nearby do the trick, boyfreinds havent seemed to have any problems with this, to busy laying back blissfully to notice I think.


ANNA-KAY - March 25

i love ma boyfriend alwyn mckenzie from jamaica do u think we should get married. i might pregnant


? - March 28

how does is tastes?


curious - March 29

hmmm... Sweet. I guess he ate the right stuff that day. lol. It varies.


Ralph - March 29

It's not a ton and if it is gross to you then spit it out after, your gag relfex might kick in but just don't let him know


? - April 2

so it depends what he eats? taste? how it tastes?



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