Oral Sex Question Please Help Me Out

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Star - April 12

Hello question i know seems odd, but we never really engaged in oral s_x really, any idea exactly on how to do it to turn him on, to spice the relationship up, please help, im ignorant please help and give me good ideas thanks


sue - April 12

ok i guess you never saw real s_x on HBO lol. my advice is to give a hand job while sucking then you wont have to put it all in the mouth. but make sure yall love and trust each other if not for sure use a flavered condom then it will taste good and be safe


Star - April 12

Thanks, but any more tips and ideas as it really appeals to me. any good turn on's for him to spice it up. thanks again.


Giovanna - April 14

I've written a book that's in publication about oral s_x... Here is a quick answer for you. Make sure if you have long hair, that you pull it back into a tail so it doesn't get in the way. First, tell him that you would like him to tell you before he comes. This will give you time to prepare, even if you swallow. If you don't want to swallow, either let him come on your face, chest or in your hand. Don't make him finish himself off. If you don't mind it in your mouth but don't want to swallow, you should have a cola can to spit into very subtly - don;t be obvious! If you do swallow - great - he will like it better! Begin with touch. Touch his body and work down. He should get an erection when you touch it (if he doesn't already have one). Lick his p___s, make sure you have plenty of saliva. Lick all over including his t______es. Most men really like that. Put him in your mouth and suck. Use your tongue to go back and forth while he is in your mouth. Suck with a constant up and down motion (but not too fast). Try to go down as far as you can. They absolutely love deep throat. If you can get the whole thing in and lick his t______es at the same time - you'll be a pro in no time. Read his responses. If you think he's really enjoying what you are doing at the moment, do it longer. Toward the end, suck harder. He will most likely tell you if you do it too hard. Constant motion is key. Don't jump around too much from licking to sucking to sucking hard etc.. Make your transitions subtle. Smile at him and look at him. Let him know you enjoy it too! If you need a sip of water, get it but get back to work right away. Don't dillydally with your hair or water or anything. Keep your focus on him. Sometimes they don't have time to say they are coming, so if he forgets, don't get mad. If he has told you, great! Keep doing what you were when he said he was ready! If you don't want to get it in your mouth, finish him with your hand and let him come somewhere on your body. (don't get it in your eyes! it burns) If you are going to spit or swallow, keep him in your mouth and continue all the way until he is totally finished. Good job!



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