Ovulating And Husband Leaving

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Hopeful - January 27

My husband and I have been trying for 5 months. We were just going with “it” for the first two months, then when nothing happened I began to buy the ovulation kits and started taking my temperature. During that time my Cycle went from 32 days (which is normal for me) to 40 days for two cycles! I think I was pregnant one of those times but that’s another story. I stopped 'stressing out' and stopped testing so much. I knew with my regular cycle I should start testing about day 16. So this cycle I did, I started to notice the ovulation lines getting darker. I’m due to Ovulate in the next 24 hours! (Day 18) The good news is we have made love the last three days, including this morning. The BAD news is…My husband is leaving for a funeral (out of town) at 3pm today(1/27). He is scheduled to leave from work. He won’t be back until 5 p.m. tomorrow(1/28). I had this whole thing planned out, we were going to have s_x every 12 hours during this time. Then…Life happens…I have tried to see if he will come home at lunch today, so we can make love to me before he leaves. He is not sure it’s possible. I guess my questions are 1. Should I be concerned since we did have s_x this morning? Is there anything I should or can do? (aside from traveling with him)? Am I making too much out of it?


00000 - January 27

I wish you luck. In my experience the harder my husband and I tried the more months we waited with no baby. The we quit trying decided we would live vicariously through our nieces and nephews and poof next thing I know we are pregnant. Have fun with the s_x. Dress up and play like teenagers. It seemed to work wonders for us. I think the sperm and egg know if you are having fun or if you are trying to control them.


Mrs o - January 27

You can ovulate up to 3 days and also sperm can live like 24 hours. So relax it isn't like he will be gone a week or anything. I agree you need not stress about it. God has a plan. Pray. Good luck.


For Hopeful - January 29

Worse case is you're not pregnant this time. That gives you more excuses to keep trying. Relax and enjoy trying for next month!


7 days - July 1

sperm can live 5-7 days dont worry. I concieved THE DAY that I stopped my period. (christmas)



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