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Michelle - October 23

Can you be allergic to sperm?


david penny - October 23

Can a girl still have her period if she is pregnant?


Michelle - October 23

Yes it is possible for a girl to be pregnent and still have her period. Have the girl take a pregnancy test if she is having ne other symptoms.


Daile - October 24

Michelle, I a__sume it is possible to be allergic to sperm, but I don't think it would be a common thing. I've heard of people being allergic to their own skin, so I don't see why that would be any more unplausible. Why do you ask? Do you think you are?


michelle - October 24

well I started taking birth control pills almost two months ago. Well the other night I had s_x with my bf, well he came in me and after wards it hurt down there and burned a little. And it still was like that a day later, So thats why I was wondering.


Mellissa - October 24

What are your allergy symptoms? Sometimes it's just the friction that makes you sore or even raw and then the liquid that carries the sperm aggravates it. The white stuff that a man ejaculates is not sperm, it's the stuff that carries the sperm out of his p___s and into your v____a (or condom, or your hair, or wherever!) The sperm stick inside you and the white stuff (that looks like opague egg-whites) just drips back out of you or dries up against your body. This stuff can be uncomfortable and can cause a rash with sensitive skin so wash up as soon as you can after s_x. Having unprotected intercourse where the man ejaculates inside of you can also cause an upset in the PH balance of your v____a which ofter leads to (YUK!) yeast infections. This is also true if the man has poor personal hygene. This, of course, is not an allergy, just a horrible side effect of non-protected s_x. If you are wondering if sperm can cause allergies by a women swallowing it, I have never heard this and I highly doubt it's possible.


michelle - October 24

Okay thank you for your advice.



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