Pain During Sex

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kit cat - May 2

I am 14 weeks, and am experiencing extreme pain and pressure during s_x. We've tried every position, without any success. This problem has only become a problem within the past couple weeks. Will this go away? Should I continue to try, or am I at risk of hurting the baby? Any advise would be greatly appreciated.


Jbear - May 5

Tell your doctor about the painful s_x. The doctor can examine you for any physical causes. Sometimes your v____a becomes swollen during pregnancy, which could make s_x painful. You and your husband can find other ways to please each other, if intercourse is too painful.


Jessica - May 5

Your at risk hurting your baby. I was almost that far along and I was also having difficulties but I ignored it and had a miscarriage a couple of weeks later


nelly - May 5

i had s_x the whole time with my first pregnancy and now with my second one i just cant it is so uncomfortable and hurts i still try but i just cant ejoy it right now.


yvette - August 7

can someone please tell me why i have a burning sensation during and after i have s_x with my husband and only started when i was pregnant. Please help


Sunny - August 21

I am not sure what is wrong but I am experiencing the same thing. I have burning during s_x and it only started during pregnancy. I have been treated for a UTI and a yeast infection. I am not sure that is what it was anyway. Any answers please respond.


C - August 22

Yvetee and Sunny- You could have a bacterial vaginitis or yeast infection. Call and make an appointment with your doc soon. You need prescription medication for the BV. Warning- it will most likely give you a yeast infection- ugh:(


Rae Rae - August 25

Hi, I'm 8 weeks pregnant and recently I have been experiencing a feeling of pressure whenever my boyfriend and I have s_x in the position of him behind me. This is the only position in which I experience this discomfort. It is not a pain sensation but one of pressure. Does anyone know whether this is an indication of a problem? I would appreciate any suggestions.


Emily - August 26

I have been experiencing the same thing. Yesterday was so bad after s_x I could not even stand up I had horrible shooting pains going up and down my v____a. I have heard of getting cysts when you are pregnant-does anyone know if you can get them in your v____a or on your cervix while pregnant.


Kell Kell - August 27

I have been experiencing pregnancy symptoms (tender b___sts, late period, frequent urination, change in discharge, mild abdominal aches, and mood swings). The last two times i had intercourse with my hubby, it was painful when he started to go deeper. Changing positions did not help. I dont know if i am pregnant for sure because if i am preg then it is still pretty early on, so is it okay to be getting the pain this early on? and can it be just because i am pregnant and i have tenderness? Please Help


Alanna - August 28

I'm having the same problem, only I'm not sure if I'm preg. If I am, I'd be about 6-7 weeks, and am having pain during and after s_x. It almost feels like a ga__sy pain with some lasts about 20 mins after and then it fades away. I don't know what this means. Is it normal?


Hi - September 5

Hi, I am 20 weeks and have experienced painful s_x from almost the beginning of pregnancy. I will feel good for one moment and the next second I feel like okay get this over with



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