Pain During Sex Please Read

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anonymous - December 20

I'm 3 months pregnant.I had s_x the other night and was on top for the first time in a while.But my question is if anybody else ever had pain when they were on top.I got pretty sharp pains.Then afterwards when I leaned over or moved a certain way I felt sore on the inside, at the very bottom of my stomach.Sort of like a bruise feels sore.That type of feeling.I was just a little worried about it.I know they say it shouldn't hurt anything having s_x while your pregnant.But I know I never had those pains before and they weren't just a little uncomfortable.... Any comments about it would be appreciated. :-) Thanks...


anonymous - December 20



Layla - December 21

i had the exact same pain during s_x! and my hubby just cant understand! i did some research on the subject and it is apparently normal this early in your pregnancy. there are a couple of positions you can try out theat wont leave you in pain afterwards. remember that your cervix is soft and low where the p___s touches. it will only be like that until about your 4th or 5th month. if you are interested in the positions to try that wont cause pain reply, as i know what you are going though!


anonymous - December 21

Thanks for answering my post.I was a little worried about it.But yeah,I'd like to know about what positions you know of... Thanks :-)


Layla - December 22

ok so there is when he is entereing you from behind, doggy style or side ways. i got this advice from a friend and it really works for me!


Josie - December 22



alicia - December 28

You said that it was painful, did you ever bleed?Im three months late on my period but the urine tests are coming back negative. i have a doctors appointment again tommorow because my fiance and i just started having s_x again ( the late period thing spooked us) and noticed that either during or after i bleed. Scary as hell to me. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.


anonymous - December 31

No, I didn't have any bleeding.I don't know about the other woman who posted.Sorry I'm not much help with this one...


Layla - December 31

i didnt bleed either. you should first find out if you are pregnant or not.


Wendy - January 1

I have pain until this day and my due date is on monday. I had pain from month one and it still continues but s_x is still enjoyable.


angel - January 1

Sounds kinda like your uterus has moved a little and perhaps that was pushed on during s_x. The only way I know is that I had a uteran suspension due to painful intercourse. Hope this helps!


michelle - January 2

i get them too


newmom - January 2

i'm 4wks preggo, we just had s_x this morning, but we stopped abruptly when he noticed there was blood. After washing up, i'm not bleeding at all. Is this normal?!


mum2be - January 7

I'm 5months pregnant, and get those same pains. I went to the doctor about it, and she told me that it was perfectly normal because everything inside is changing so rapidly, it's kinda like a growing pain



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