Pains In Lower Belly During Sex A Sign

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ashlee - December 20

hey i was just wondering if having pain in lower belly during s_x (with each penetration) could be a pregnancy sign? has anyone on this board experienced anything similar to this whilst being pregnant? thanks!!


Bethayy - December 20

I've had pains before. many times before. I could be pregnant right now, But I'm waiting for my results. I doubt that having lower pain in your belly has anything to do with pregnancy


ashlee - December 20

ok. thanks for your reply . just wanted to see if there was hope lol. Good luck with your results. i hate waiting...especially to find out that im not pregnant!! Any how, baby dust to you and best of luck. let me know how you go!!!! ~*~*~*~*~


Charlotte - December 20

Hi ashlee I was having pain in lower belly during s_x then that night i took a pregnancy test and i was pregnant. Now i have a cute girl named jasmine. You should take one today if you don't have one at home go out and buy one. Let me know how you go!!!!


ashlee - December 20

Thankyou Charlotte. jasmine is a gorgeous name by the way!!! my af is not due for another week though. so it will probably be too early to test just yet. last time i was preg a home preg test didnt show up pos until i was 7 weeks, then the following week i had a m/c. see how i go, if i miss af or not. will let you know either way. thanks again.


Charlotte - December 21

Hi Bethayy So what did your Pregnancy test say.


mommytobe32607 - April 11

i had the same lower pains in my tummy and s_x with my finance was just uncomfortable and not feeling the same and it turns out i am 7 weeks pg


NSherman85 - April 23

Wow. I have a lot of pain in my lower belly from having s_x... it doesnt matter what position though i have quite a lot of pain.its so uncomfortable...i dont know if its because my fiance is..well, umm.. well endowed. could pain in the lower belly really be signs of pregnancy?ive had lot of lower stomach pains too just getting up from bed or standing at work and it really bothers me.i thought prilosec otc would help to reduce acid in my stomach,but that doesnt ever help. i dont think im pregnant. my fiance & i are trying.but not luck & its been 8 months. just being patient. except for the stomach pains & odd periods..everythings normal. if anyone could help me, id appreciate it. thanks!


billsgirl - April 26

i went to the dr, because how haw heavy and painfull my periods were. i also complained of pain durring intercourse, especially from behind and on top. i had a laporoscopy and was told i had endometriosis. they said the painful heavy periods, and the pain durring s_x was a result of endometriosis. i startedto freak out beacouse i do want more children. becuase i caught the endometriosis early, they said i would have no problems getting pregnant. however, when left un-treated for a ong time, you can become sterile. i highly recoment you talk to your dr,about checking you for it. it is s common for women. i read over90% of women have it.



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