Period And Pregancy

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kallie - September 9

can you get preganet while you have you period?


Jessica - June 27

There is a possiblity...maybe only just a slight possibility...but nonetheless, use protection if you do have s_x while on your period.


Louise - June 28

No you can't. having a period means that your body is disposing of the unfertilised egg and the womb lining. you will ovulate 14 days before the first day of your period. so don't worry, you cant become pregnant whilst bleeding, but be safe not sorry. there are also STD's that you can catch whilst on a period!


Shelly - June 28

Yes you can ger pregnant if you have s_x durring your period. Pregnancy is linked to ovulation, not your period. Sperm live up to a week in the uterus. If you ovulate while they are still alive, pregnancy will result. Always use a condom. It will help to protest against pregnancy and s_xually transmitted diseases.


louise - June 30

To Shelly's response, you can't. Having a full bleed is releasing the linging of the uterus and the egg, if one is released, trust me, i'm a midwife!!!!!!!!!!!!!


bru - July 1

It IS possible, but unlikely.


sarah - July 25

it is most unlikely that you can get pregnant whilst on your period as you are disposing of the egg. But always use protection as it could still happen as sperm can live in the uterus up to a week.


Mac - July 30

I have heard that a woman can still be Pregnant when she still has her period. Is that the true? Why I am asking is because me and Spouse have had intercouse for 3 weeks with on procection. But she started her period yesterday...Could she still be pregnant??


tung_tied - July 31

oka i just want to know this i have been trying to have a baby we thought that we would try while i was having my periodi got it for 4 days that was all then i missed one day and the next day i spoted jsut a little. What doest that mean is there a good chance that i am pregnant?


sam - August 25



Robyn Hill - September 9

I am married with my husband. I am born deaf with heart(ductus) I had 3 months regular period with pregnant and I am 44. I have never been for Nine years and I found out. I not sure baby alive 3 months with period. If I still get a miracle pregnant. Do you think I still get miracle pregnant? I am can feel moving. I have been to doctor last month and they don't know about it before.


samantha - September 30

is it normal to bleed after having s_x?


renee - November 30

what are the chance of being pregant


sara - January 7

i dont know?!



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