Period Questions Do I Have To Wait To Take A Test

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lilly89 - February 24

So the last couple days of my period is when I started feeling nautious and dizzy It goes on and off and its been about 4 days now and I ended my period around the day after the sickness started....But do I seriously have to wait till next month to take a pregnancy test?! because ever test and website I check says wait till after my missed period...Im way to anxious to have to wait that long. heeelp! :(


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - February 27

You aren't pregnant, if you had your period it is possible but very unlikely to have a period during a ovulate 12-14 days after a period. You need an egg to get pregnant, and usually you don't get any type of sickness until after a missed period, but you haven't even ovulated to become pregnant. And you won't get a positive sign until the day of your missed period and sometimes a day or two before...but you WILL NOT get a positive before you even conceive. So I would say you should figure out when you ovulate because you can't get pregnant a few days after a period unless you are irregular which is still likely but very rare. Of course you can go out and waste money on all these tests and keep getting negatives because I can tell you, you are definately not pregnant. But if you wanna try one then try one, but you will not find out a week after a period because you for one didn't ovulate, and implantation hasn't occured and two you haven't missed a period or even waited long enough.


SaraH - February 27

While some of what Nerdy girl said is right on, it is possible you could be pregnant (saying she can telly that you are ABSOLUTLY not pregnant is not quite right --although you probably aren't). Some women do have bleeding that they think is their period while they are pregnant (it's not technically a period if you're pregnant). Although uncommon if you are one of those people, and were pregnant but still had bleeding, then a test should probably come out positive by now. For it to come out positive though you would have had to have conceived last cycle and for some reason had bleeding that appeared to be a period even though you were pregnant at the time. So, if that were the case then you would already be past that "wait until you miss your period" stage as most women would have missed their period and not had the bleeding. If you actually had a real period though you are not pregnant and could not be pregnant as you wouldn't even have ovulated or conceived yet. Chances are you most likely aren't pregnant, however there is a slim chance that you could be and that you were pregnant when you had the bleeding. By the way it is also possible to have an early m/c that can look like a period and make you feel sick. I had a "chemical pregnancy" (really early m/c) that I initially thought was my period. I'd taken an hpt (I'd known there was a large chance I was pregnant that cycle) the day before my period was due and it was negative (maybe a really really faint positive but I wasn't sure). When I got my "period" I a__sumed I was not pregnant. My period ended after a normal time and then two days later I started to bleed again. When that happened I had a feeling that I had been pregnant and took an hpt. It came out positive right away at that pt, and that was a week after the I had started what I thought was a period, and it had ended a couple days prior to me taking the test. So...chances are your not pregnant, but if you continue to feel sick and pregnant, then a test might be worth taking just to make sure you aren't one of those women who have their "periods" while pregnant. Good luck


SaraH - February 27

--oh and w/ the miscarriage I had, I didn't start feel sick until after I started bleeding that 2nd time (a week after the start of my "period" and a few days after it had ended). I felt sick for about a week after I started bleeding that 2nd time, which is about how long it took for the pregnancy hormones to drop to a low number.



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