Period Right After Sex

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Curious - April 28

Okay i had s_x and the very next day i started my period well at least i think it was my period. Was there still a possiblt_ty to get pregnant?


Ashley - May 2

Gurl im in the same boat


christie - May 11

ughh so am i...counting down the days that i'm supposed to start again...what happened w/ yall?


Ash - May 19

I'm not sure


A. - May 20

did ur bf come inside you? i had that experience ,too. but he pulled out before he came, and i didn't get pregnant. again, everyone's different, do a test 10-14 days after u had s_xjust in case.


Sara M. - May 23

humm uhh well odd maybe but see i dont care me and my boyfriend had s_x and i was on my period? well will i get pregnant?(we used a condom)...??


manuel - July 6

well i had slept wif my girlfriend and a couple of days later she had her period and then thys past month she has been late is it possible she can be pregnant but today she took a pregnancy test and it came out negative


jane - July 11

i had s_x with my boyfriend and i do get my period cramps and my tummy feels big or im i just imagening that i could be pregnant


bana__leaky - July 15

that's what i'm trying to find out. will i get pregnant. my husband cam in me right after i got off my period. will i get pregnant.please someone answer my asap at [email protected]


ebony - August 11

i just had a baby 4weeks ago and my bf c_mmed in me during intercourse and it was unprotected s_x is it possible to be pregnant again-even though i just had a baby 4weeks ago?can any one tell me if its possible to be pregnant right after a pregnancy?


candy - September 28

some times it feels like i am ovalating 1 2 days after my period can that be true


Tasha - September 30

If I had s_x 2 days after my period and my boyfriend c_m inside of me can I get pregnant? To add: I've been on birth control for almost 3 years, but currently been off since Feb.



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