Period Twice In One Month

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T-Bird - August 22

I am experiencing the same thing as well. I finished my last period on August 15 and it was a normal period. I am on birth control and had unprotected s_x about four times when I finished and then on August 22nd my period started again but very heavy. I am also experiencing cramps that seem to be getting worse as the week goes on. I know this is not normal as I do have a family member who suffers from this all the time however it has never been so close together for her nor has either period been normal. If anyone can tell me what this is all about e-mail me at [email protected]


Bianca - August 29

I am having the same problem I had unprtected s_x and I started my perid and now three days later when I my second period I am throing up having headaches.What'srongg with me am I pregnant again.


jackie - September 1

i got my period twice in one month what can that mean


NICOLE - September 7



andrea - September 7

ok my periods are always very regular 27 days apart and 4-5 days long...for 3 years its been normal....and now this month i had my period as normal but then a week later im having it again and its really worried could this mean im pregnant?


Janelle - September 7

The same happened to me, I had uprotected s_x over five times and started my period twice in one month, now Iam hungry all the time, mornig sickness, stomach pains Iam I pregnate?


Jaime - September 9

The same thing happend to me too.I had my period aug 25, had unprotected s_x like four or five times,and i have another period 2 weeks later with brown blood.I'm trying to ge pregnant, what is this? email me at [email protected]


jr - September 13

Why are all you people having UNPROTECTED s_x????????? It's dangerous!


laura - September 14

well i had my peroid twice in a month with brown blood and im a virgin so i dont know what the heck is going on


Unknown - January 18

hi i have had my period 2wice in one month and im a little worried i have been having unprotected s_x and im waiting on my next period to know the blood was brown and then it went to a dark red ... please help i just want to know wats going on? am too scared to go to a doctor or n e thing...


shonna - January 28

i am married, but my period came on jan 3 and i have been off the pill for about 3 months i saw some pinkish or light red blood when i used the bathroom but nonthing came down in the pad.i am tying to get pregnant.


kell - January 30

i'm currently having the same issue. i've been on ortho tri-cyclen for a little over a year now, and i've always been very regular getting my period...exactly 28 days. but there have been some irregularities this months. i got my period on january 1st, which again, was exactly 28 days since my last period. i had unprotected s_x with my husband from January 7th through January 18th. a few days later, on january 23rd, i got my period again, which is only 16 days into my cycle. the blood started out dark brown, then gradually turned a brighter red. i ended up having a full-fledged period, which ended yesterday. my birth control has thus far been effective for us, and i've been very faithful taking my pills daily. but readng all of these posts on here, i'm concerned that i might be pregnant. please help.


rosa - February 4

like most of you i also have had 2 periods this month.. one was 3 weeks early.. i didnt have it for a week and now when im a week early and i started bleeding today... im on bc and im pretty good at taking it.. i have been having unprotected s_x..


merika - February 7

So glad I've found this thread! First I thought there's something *wrong*. I've got twice/month period for 3 months now. It all started when we decided to have a baby. (unprotected s_x) Three months in a row though ... and I'm not pregnant yet :/ Will I keep getting this *twice/month* symptom?


Brandy - February 9

Girls, I am 30 and it scares the hell out of me that such young ladies are trying to get pregnant.. I am a single mom of two. I had my first at 18 and let me tell you it was the hardest thing i have ever done.. Please think about what you are going to put your self through as well as a baby, I had to go for weeks at a time with out food for myself just so thier was enough money for my child and house hold bills... Please listen to me.. you have the rest of your life to have a child, and i will tell you one thing your child will pay for your mistake.... and they don't deserve it....


answers? - September 26

what does it all mean... i have had the same thing! The condom broke, i took the emergency contraception pill (the morning after pill) and then had s_x, which was as unlucky as before, and a week later i started bleeding... What does it mean? I'm worried.



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