Period Twice In One Month

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Grandpa Viv - December 20

There is not much point in taking a preg test until your next period was originally due, with maybe a repeat a week later. A heavy bleed on CD18 is pretty unusual. If things do not straighten out pretty quick you might want to make a doc appointment. Do you have annual gyn checkups?


worried_ks - December 24

ok i dont know whats going on. but i had my normal period a week ago started on the 8th of dec then ended on the 13 a normal period. then i had unprotected s_x on the 15th and then i took the morning after pill the 17th. now a week later im spotting brown now to a red and brown what could this mean??? i need to know soon as possible.


amandabear - December 24

I have regular gyn exams and have never had my period come twice in one month, especially this close together. when I got it on the 1st Dec., it was normal and lasted 6 days. when I got it again on the 18th, it was a bit heavier and over by the 22nd. I took 2 HPT and both NP.


Grandpa Viv - December 24

Worried_ks, you are very likely experiencing a bleed caused by PlanB hormones. Your s_x was too soon in the cycle to be high risk. Wait until your period was originally due and run a home preg test to be sure. My prediction is that it will be negative. GL! Amanda, that is too short a cycle to think you might be pregnant. For now, just chalk it up to an irregular cycle - upset hormones, stress or whatever. Test again at New Year if you wish.


wanting-to-be-a-first-time mom - December 28

Hiya, im really worried, i got my period on the 1st of this month and ended on the 5th, i woke up this morning 28th and my period had returned for the second time in 1 month. This is the first time this has happened to me should i go to the doctor as i have been trying to concieve for the past 5 months. I normally have a 29day cycle every month but have been experiencing irregular periods for the past 2 months. would be greatful for any advice. thank you!


Grandpa Viv - December 28

Wanting, your periods were 27 days apart, which should not even raise an eyebrow. You will likely ovulate Jan 11th, so s_x Jan 8th and 10th would be good timing. Do you recognize your signs of ovulation - fertile mucus, high libido, ovulation cramp? Good luck!


wanting-to-be-a-first-time mom - December 28

Thanks grampa Viv, I get the ovulation cramp but can never seem to see the fertile mucus ? Some peope tell me that to much s_x during ovulation can reduce your chances is this true ?


Grandpa Viv - December 29

If your man is young and virile, s_x every day should be fine. If you worry, s_x every other day. Some women have to do a finger check to find that fertile mucus - not much of it. If you are going to do that, you might as well check cervical position - Sofr, High, Open Wet (SHOW) at ovulation. You need to have s_x the day before the ovulation cramp if you can manage to time it right.


wanting-to-be-a-first-time mom - December 31

Thanks very much grampa viv hopefully ill have good news in the new year!


MRS.LEE - January 6

Wow, well, I guess I'm not the only one feeling like I am going crazy trying to figure out what is going on with my body. I would also appreciate advice as I have called my doctor's nurse and that seems to be getting me nowhere, she says irregularity is just due to my having the mirena removed on 11-14-11, we chose not to do any birth control pills afterwards because we want to have another baby. I have 3 other children and have never had a problem like this, but since I have had it removed I have had 3 periods, but they aren't heavy or normal periods. Its more like spotting and they occurred on the following dates: 12-5-11, 12-22-11 and now today on 1-6-12. My husband and I really don't know what to do because we would really rather not begin birth control pills and delay getting pregnant, nor do we want to start bc pills if we have already conceived and just don't know it yet. I have had crazy symptoms like acne, and certain smells driving me nuts, tired all the time. In the past pregnancies it has taken a while for the hcg hormone to show up and turn a pregnancy test positive. Do you have any clue what could be wrong? I'm worrying myself to death about this because it is completely abnormal, but then again this is the first iud I have ever had too. Please help. Thank you!


dmar24 - January 25

ok, so i got my period the second time in one month with exactly 20 days apart. This has never happened to me befor and im so scared cus im not planing to be pregnate at all. i never excercice but lately ive been doing zumba for only 20 minutes every other day and i joged / walked yesterday only one mile. im not sure what is going on.


wanting-to-be-a-first-time mom - January 26

Im 2 days late for my period this month but i normally have a good 29 day cycle last month i had a 27 day cycle, i dunno if its 2 early to test and my b___bs are not as sore as they normally are when my period is due i havent really any sympthoms. Dmar24 i also started zumba and had my period twice in one month, i hadn't excercised since i gave up dancing 5 years ago so maybe that has something to do with it ?


grr_rawr92 - February 7

kinda freaking out. I had my period bout 2weeks ago, and it stoped for 4days and now i have it again. i wasnt supposed to get it until this week to begin with. ive been eating alot more, having pains, and my stomache and that area is hard, idk if it could be cause i have my period again, or what, but after new years, i had s_x with my bf and da condom broke but im on birth control. i ended up missing 2 days. and he had cancer when he was longer and now only has one nut, and i have stage one cervical cancer. so not even sure if we could get pregnant. can anyone help??


ambition shella - February 16

i had s_x in jan don't no the date.i i stated my period right after it was 7 days normal for me .in i started my period on the 28 of Jan. in got off on the 3rd of feb is that normal i had sign of pregnancies took a test. cam back neg. then i started have clear mucus coming from my v____a i know it sounds nasty sorry i just need to no if anyone experience this in what it could be


aishlingkardashian - February 20

Girls My Last Period Date Was The 23rd Of December :) I'm Always On Time With Them Never Late, But When I Had Finished Them Around A Week Later I Had Brown Redish Blood/ Discharge I Had Said This To The Doctor He Said It Was My Womb Cleaning Itself Out It Lasted About 2/3 Days, When The 23rd Of January Came There Was No Sign Of My Periods Coming Previous To That I Had Took A Test Because I Felt Weird, But It Came Back Negative.. I Went The Doctors On The 30th Of January And Found Out I Was Between 5/5 And A Half Weeks Pregnant... Hope This Helps Fingers Crossed For You Girls OoX


lil-worried-1 - February 29

wow i finally found a site that will give me an answer, me and my parnter have been trying for 4 months now and every since we start my periods have come earlier and earlier (periods normaly came on the 10th of every month and lasted 7 days all the time). and feb the 4th i got them and had unprotected s_x for about 4 days and on the 25th i had light brown spotting and then on the 27 i got them again but this time they are heavier and alot more pain then usual.... could i be pregnant or should i got see a doctor??? im worried



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