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mrs.kane - February 15

My fiance' and I have been trying to have a baby for about a year now and well .. I started my period on time feb 3rd. NOrmaly my periods last 6days && it only lasted 3 1/2 days. Not only that but normaly I cramp all the time on my period and this period I didnt cramp not ONCE... && it wasn't as heavy as usual it was about half of what it normaly is && I bleed kinda heavy all the time.. Well then just a few days ago I had this brownish red blood drops on my panties & when I wiped it was pink and that only lasted like less then 2days not even. && when that was happening I was cramping and now im fine && im not cramping but My tummy just feels different, my appat_te is different I just dont eat much really like idk. I think I may have a cold IM sneezing alot && drained && tired and my eyes are watery and everything. Idk. But I really havent been feeling well at all I havent really ate much these past couple days Ive been feeling really sick to my stomache. If you can help me at all PLease


mamaof two83 - February 17

hey mrs.kane it sound like you may of had your peroid but it was a short one it could be due to the cold u might have or stress, our body s are always changing so it could just be a off month for you i have had two kids and trying for a third and each process has been different it was a year of trying before i had our first child and my b___st were extremely sore took a hpt and a bfp,second i was havind middle pain and had a faint bfp so each pregnancy is diff just test if neg keep doin the bd and see what happens next month if late then test again but don't get stressed calm down and you will be blessed hopefully sooner than later.


Jezebel - March 14

and let me take this time to point out that all but 1 of the times you posted this question, you received at least one answer so enough. im beginning to thing a gyno is not the kind of dr you need.



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