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questions for girls - May 26

girls, before i got married my sezx drive was very high.but i think it reduces.when i go to my wife i don't fel the rush.what should i do? i feel the rush when i see other ladies.please advise me.


val - May 27

Do you love your wife? I don't know you from Adam but from an outsiders perspective, it sounds like maybe you got married too soon, weren't sure, maybe too young, or got married for the wrong reasons?Because if anyone should turn you on, it definitely should be the woman you vowed to spend the rest of your life with.Are there issues in your relationship that make you feel this way?And I'm a little unclear as to what you mean by you "feel the rush". Does she just not turn you on? How long have you been married? Maybe you should ask your wife if she wouldn't mind "spicing" things up a little bit. Maybe the both of you going to an adult store, and picking up some toys or movies or maybe even some s_xy clothes might help liven things up.Let me know what you think.


quentions - May 27

rush means wanted to have the s_x wt_th that person. I wife is shy ,she doesnot do all the things i want.she things that are not god, not morally right etc. what to do?


val - May 27

Can I ask where you live?What country?


Jessica - May 27

Take her on a romantic getaway or vacation. Chances are she feels the same. Is she pregnant?


me - May 29

yeah you probably got married to soon and you just needed some more action then just one girl


val - May 31

I'm not too sure how else to answer your question.I know in other countries s_x is really different,(has different meanings as to what's right and wrong). You might want to bring up this question to your wife. Tell her you would like to spice up your s_x life . I did that with my husband. Because it just got boring doing the same things over and over again. Maybe you should take charge and go buy some toys or buy your wife some s_xy clothes,then maybe she would accept it more. My only other suggestion would be to just please yourself when you feel the urge to be with someone other than your wife.Or maybe you should initiate the oral s_x, because I can probably guarantee you that she will enjoy it, and then maybe she'll get into it more and return the favor.


question - May 31

i tried to lick her p several times she wsaod it is wrong.I should not kiss that part.that part is not for kiss.


val - May 31

Hmm.. then I'm out of answers. Maybe you should talk to one of your friends who might be having the same problem. Try tralking to your wife and explain how you feel.



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