Please Help Not Sure About Something

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Taz - April 10

I am still a virgin and have never had s_x before. But my boyfriend and i got a bit carried away and he felt me up last week. Is their any way i can be pregnant?


anonymous - February 18

No not unless you actually had s_xual intercourse.


anonymous#2 - February 25

if you mean fely you up as in feelin on you than no you can't be preg, and there is a VERY VERY litlle chance you could get pregnant if you are still a virgin it is almost impossible.


ac - February 26

Please get some info! Maybe you could go to your local library?? You could always the librarian that you're doing an essay on "fertility" or "the reproductive system"...


jaecee - March 5

You need to talk to someone about this. If you don't know this much about s_xual intercourse i think you are a little too immature to hve a boyfriend! NO you cannot get pregnant with a finger.


Samantha Chadwick - March 8

Honey, If you and your bf have never had s_xual intercourse then there is no way you could be pregnant!


HELLO - March 10



AJ - April 10

oh my god!!!!!!!! hurry and go to the doctor you may be having a little one soon because he touched you and yes you can get pregnant from fingers so dont do it again because we dont need someone like you reproducing..........YOU ARE REALLY DUMB....PS DETROIT STILL ROCKS


Aj - April 10

i still think you're still dumb now im not the smartest person but i know u cant get pregnant from fingers...How old are you really??....i still feel you are the dumbest person to post a question on here??? so I nominate you for dunbest question of the day award hope you cause your dumb as hell...i hate you...cause your dumb..i hope your name is not really taz cause that is dumb too..........DETROIT ROCKS


Larry - April 10

CONGRADULATIONS!!! Taz you won the dumbest question ever award I mean were you serious "oh he touched me in the pants and now Im pregnant" did your mommy ever tell you how babies are made if not I will happily explain it to you please dont ask any more question this is for real people with real questions so dont waste my time and yours peace and love... PS Detroit Rocks and where ever your from hopefully not from Detroit I hope their not as stupid as you.



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