Please Help When Did I Concieve

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wondering - December 30

Ok my lmp was July 28th. The 26th my boyfriend and I got a little drunk, didn't have s_x but (sorry if it's tmi) dry humped and got alittle close if you know what I mean but like I said I was on my period and I had a tampon in. My period ended the 28th and I know we had s_x a couple times after that and then for sure on August 12th but didn't finish and then on the 14th of August. So when do you think I concieved? Im due may 5th and when I went in for my u/s on the 12th of Dec they said I was measuring at 19 weeks and 6 days which was 2 days earlier than what I measured at with my lmp. Sorry for this being so long I just hope that I concieved after Aug 2nd b/c I had to much fun at the end of july if you know what I mean. Please help. Also my period has been alittle odd since I got of the pill it can run longer or shorter.


PLEASE - December 30



hoang hai nam - December 31



to Wondering - January 5

If your period *ended* July 28th, then your LMP date is not July 28th, but the day you started.for example July 24th. LMP is always counted from the first (!) day of your period. Then your due date wouldn't be May 5th either, it would be more like May the 1st. Could be one reason your u/s date came up 2 days earlier. On the other hand coming up 2 days early, really means nothing at all. It's too small a difference to tell you anything. Your baby could just be a fraction larger or smaller than the average baby at that point. It's difficult to know when exactly you conceived, as you say your cycle length varies. Ovulation could have been anything between cycle day 10 (which would be early) and cycle day 16/17. Cycles that last 24 days usually ovulate on cycle day 10, and cycles of 30/31 days ovulate on day 16/17. Generally you can a__sume you ovulate around 14 days before you get your period. started your period July 24th, then cycle day 10 (ovulating early) would be around August 2nd. As sperm can live for a couple of days, s_x on or after the 31st could have led to pregnancy. Could have..but my guess is you most likely conceived from s_x which took place after Augst 1st or 2nd. Good luck!



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