Possible Pregnancy From Quot Dry Humping Quot Please Help

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Ms. Superworried - April 19

OK so here’s my dilemma… A few weeks ago, my bf and I were fooling around, we were both in our underwear and he was on top of me for a few minutes and sort of rubbed his genital area on mine. Although his p__s never went inside of me, both of us were in our undies the whole time (plus I was wearing a pantiliner). There was also a point where his finger went inside of me, but he washed his hands right before touching me. I then proceeded to wash my genital area with soap and water after we were done. I know for sure that during that whole thing, he never ejaculated. He claims to have not even pre-ejaculated, but say if he did, is there any chance that this can result in a pregnancy? Based on all the stuff I looked up with similar situations, the chances of pregnancy from pre-ejaculate are very slim or next to nothing, but not totally impossible. I actually even remember some important dates if this helps… The first day of my last period was March 8th or 9th (can’t remember which one exactly). The day that we fooled around I believe was March 24th. And finally, I took a home pregnancy test (E.P.T.) on April 16th, when I felt that my period was late. The test came back negative… but is it possible that 22 days after we fooled around was too early for the test? It was actually also my first urine of the day (which is recommended) and I’m also hoping that my urine wasn’t too diluted for any small amount of HCG to be detected. So, am I thinking way too much into this? My period still hasn’t arrived, which is what is keeping me worried. Other than that, I’m not having any other notable symptoms of pregnancy, except for maybe a strange rocky/knotty feeling in my stomach sometimes… not morning sickness, but could it maybe be from stress? Perhaps it's all in my head...? I also am taking this as a lesson to avoid messing around in these types of situations, and I know that if it should happen again, to use protection. So please, I would appreciate your honest answers ASAP, thanks in advance


amanda17 - April 19

Yes you are thinking too much into this. You couldn't get pregnant from that, so take it easy and good luck.


Brenna - May 8

I wouldn't worry if I were you,even if your underwear was soaked with s____n(which didn't happen)it couldn't go through the pantyliner.


lilymonk - June 26

no dont worry about it. you can not get pregnant.



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