Possible Symptoms Of Early Pregnancy

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Leesee27 - September 11

Okay, so I'm a little nervous, I'll admit. I'm a 22 year old in medical school. My boyfriend (ex, as of last night) has (drunken, oops) unprotected s_x on Friday of last week as well as Sunday. My period ended around 2 weeks ago, I rarely keep track, but I think is due around the 25th of this month. Again, I don't often keep track. However, I NEVER get yeast infections. 2 days ago, I developed what seemed to be a yeast infection. This might sound uneducated, or what-not, but I'm really nervous and am wondering if this is something others have experienced as an early pregnancy sign. I know its really early to tell, but I neverrrr get yeast infections, and I thought it was odd timing. Any help really would be awesome. Thank you so much!


Leesee27 - September 11

Oops, I meant My boyfriend (ex, as of last night) and I HAD, not has.


Grandpa Viv - September 11

How sure are you of the 9/25 menstruation? Does your period arrive about the same date every month? That is 14 days away, and in a standard cycle you would only now be ovulating. It's possible you ovulated a few days early, but even so it is too soon to be experiencing signs of pregnancy. A yeast flare-up can occur in early pregnancy as v____al chemistry changes and organisms normally under control are able to flourish. You may also have encountered some unaccustomed organisms as a result of less than optimal (drunken) cleanliness.


Leesee27 - September 15

Recently I've had a bit on pink spotting the past few days, which I've never seen before, and I just got what seems to be my period.. but its a lot lighter of a flow than normal.. And darker.. And I've never had my period this close to the last one..


Grandpa Viv - September 15

I'm beginning to think your last period started 8/23 and your next is due 9/20. That would give ovulation 9/6, with sperm waiting to pounce. The first signs of pregnancy would likely have been around 9/11 when you got a yeast flare-up, and now you are reporting what might be implantation spotting. Let's see if you develop other signs in the next few days - fatigue but trouble sleeping, lotion discharge, backache, weird cramps, vivid dreams, stuffy nose, more frequent peeing and other unusual PMS signs. Try testing Sunday 19th and again 25th using first morning pee. GL!



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