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roguemelody - November 25

Just wanted to hear others opinion - the middle of last month I decided to stop using BC pill. I had been taking the BC pill for about 4 years. Once I stopped, my period started within a week and lasted for a week as usual. However this month it has not started and I am a week late. Even though my husband and I had unprotected s_x this past month - I probably wouldn't have considered pregnancy as the reason for my late period - it's just the symptoms that I've been having that have me wondering. Usually, I have "normal" PMS but for the past week or so I've been dizzy, vomitting, bad nausea - symptoms I don't normally have as PMS. I usually just get a little bloating and cramps. And like I said earlier - I already had my period last month after I stopped the BC pill and everything was fine. So, I guess I'm just wondering if anyone thinks these are just additional symptoms from not being on BC pill anymore or a possible pregnancy. I took a HPT and it came back negative. All comments are appreciated!


Malica - November 25

Why wouldn't you have considered pregnancy otherwise? Most women ovulate the very first month after stopping the pill. It could be effects of your body adjusting to being off the pill, or it could very well be pregnancy. Try waiting a few more days and testing again using the first pee of the morning (it will have a higher concentration of pregnancy hormones if you are indeed pregnant). Good luck


roguemelody - November 26

Thanks for the reply :) I'll post back in a weeks time - I plan to wait till this Friday before retesting again with a HPT if my period hasn't started.


Teddyfinch - November 26

i stopped taking the pill in the middle of the month and for 8 years after that, my cycles were irregular. that could be the problem.


roguemelody - November 26

I"m just waiting it out for now - I had some spotting tonight but nothing when I wipe - possibly the start of my period. Will post back when something changes :) As for the irregularity - that was the reason I went on the BCP in the first place - I had a period that just didn't wanna stop lol. Lasted for almost 3 months straight - Drs had no idea why even after blood tests. I'd say it's just delayed cause of what the other posters had mentioned - my body trying to "regulate" itself now that it's not longer on the pill. Will post back soon - again thanks for all your replies. Appreciate it!


mckay - December 12

i have a similar problem my pill finish the 28 of november and i startseeing my period on the 3 of december it last for four day.the day before it start i have unprotected s_x is it possible i can get pregnany.



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