Possibly Pregnant

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Aeriven - July 30

My boyfriend and I were messing around a week ago, and I rubbed my bare va___a along his p__s; I don't think I touched the head, but I came close. He hadn't c_m yet, but there might have been prec_m, I don't know for sure. Now, I think I'm starting my period, but it's a bit irregular (starts a little and stops, it's done that a few times today).I had a head-splitting headache yesterday, and woke up with it, and slight wooziness this morning. I feel all right now, with slight pain where I normally feel it during my period. I have been taking the pill for three months, so I know that's not enough for my period to start being on a schedule. In addition to that, I had missed the pill the night before (I normally take my pill every night right before I go to bed, but the night before this happened, I forgot to take it. I did take it when I woke up that morning though.) Plus, I've never had s_x before, but I used to be pretty active in a few sports, so my hymen might not be there. Okay, I have a few questions after all this: 1) Is there any possibility that I'm pregnant? 2) I read that conception is much harder if the hymen is still intact. Is there any way for me to find out if it's still there? Thanks for any and all help; my boyfriend and I are both worried about this.


Aeriven - July 26

Please, can someone give me their opinion on this? My boyfriend and I are really scared...


mandy - July 27

no. ur not pregnant. i think u already knew that too. u practically answered ur own questions. plus, its impossible if there was no s____n, and just because u miss a day taking your pill, doesnt mean anthing unless u had s_x around the time u missed taking the pill.


lauren - July 30

im sure your fine..but mandy is wrong!... prec_m can still get you pregnant but it just sounds like your a little paranoid..try to get it off your mind and you should feel up to par again.! Good luck!


kim j - January 18

Some people on this site can be so rude! Most likely you are not preggo. Just remember that prec_m is very potent and can get you pregant. Becareful when your messing around especially since you guys are not wanting a baby at this time. Dont forget your pills and if you do use a condom..



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