Possibly Pregnant?

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Tseeker - July 8



Had sex with my wife last month, she is 20 years old. We used a condom with spermicide on it and only was in for a few minutes and then pulled out and then she finished me outside. The condom didn t break or anything. She is now a week and half late for her period and took 3 pregnancy test but all negative. Worried it might be some other reason her period is late.


Grandpa Viv - July 9

I don't see how she could have gotten pregnant from that incident, and the tests confirm it. Skipping one period can happen. If she skips another she could get a gyno check-up which is something she should be doing once a year. BTW, how does she get her sexual satisfaction? Have you asked how you could help with that?


Brittster1995 - July 13

Spermicide actually breaks down the latex in the condom, and actually that's how my mom and dad got prgnant with me. 


Grandpa Viv - July 14

Britts, I can't find any reference to spermicide breaking down latex - in fact condoms often come with a spermicide coating. Condoms break from improper storage, age, and lubricant that is not water-based.


Godschild - October 8

Hey all, I'm very perplexed, my periods are always consistent and it's been two months without a period. I took 3 hpt's all negative, went to see the doc and blood tests were negative as well! I don't know if I'm pregnant or not. Can anyone give me any advice on what I should do?


Grandpa Viv - October 9

You aren't pregnant if you are 8 weeks and still with negative blood tests. Are you an athlete in training or anorexic - that can cause periods to stop. If you are a regular woman and are missing your periods your doc can help jump start them. Do you have early pregnancy signs with all those negative tests - maybe you have a cyst that is messing with your hormones.


Loveecriselda - October 27

I had a miscarriage July10 had a DNC done ive been having unprotected s_x w my boyfriend i had my periods as i usually do after the miscarriage but this month i had my period on the Oct 12 and ended on the Oct16 then had another period very lightly on oct 24 and ended oct 26 could i possibly b pregnant?? Help!!!!


Grandpa Viv - October 28

If you have been having regular unprotected sex you could easily get pregnant inside three months. If the spotting Oct 24th was from implantation it was surprisingly early. It could as easily have been from an unusual ovulation. Wait to see if you get any early pregnancy signs in the next week. Run a home test when your November period was originally expected.


Bears - November 19

Hi, my boyfriend and I had unprotected s*x. He didn't c*m in me, Is it possible to get pregnant from prec*m 5-6 days before your suppose to start your period??


Grandpa Viv - November 19

Bears, the week before your period is supposed to come is not in the fertile window. Ovulation is 14 days before your period, the egg is good for one day only though sperm can lie in wait for five days. Please buy some condoms and vaginal spermicide of your own if the boyfriend is too scared to do it. Use both together and avoid the fertile window. You will be as safe as can be short of an IUD.



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