Possibly Pregnant?

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Jana60 - November 8

Inbetween 3-5 months ago I was having a lot of unprotected sex with an ex-partner. I wasn't trying to concieve, but I was not using any form of birth control. At first, I started feeling weird after noticing my period was roughly 2 weeks late and I'm never late! My period finally came, very light for about 5 days, so light i didnt even need a panty liner which has NEVER happened. Though I didnt wanna think anything of it.. I didn't want to think about pregnancy until the second thing I noticed which was a loss in my appetite. Eating anything could make me sick to my stomach, even the thought of food. I looked past it.. A couple weeks went by and I started having mild cramping and hip pain. I figured it could just be ovarian cysts as I've had a couple of those in the past. During the same week I had a strange sensation in my belly button and I'm not sure how to describe it but it didn't hurt, just felt really odd! Which also, has never happened to me. I went to the dr to get tested for a UTI, it was negative. Another week went by and my belly started getting bloated every day out of no where, even on an empty stomach. I felt a stretching-type pain in my lower abdominal/pelvic area. My breasts started getting swollen and I was terrified I was pregnant! I took a HPT, positive! I then went to the dr, BLOOD test was negative?! My period has contiued to come though.. along with continuous pregnancy symptoms! Recently, I only really bloat after I've eating but my belly has continued to grow. I have now started feeling movement these past two-three weeks that feels almost like gas but it isn't. (Though I have had more gas than usual..) It feels almost like popcorn popping in my lower belly/pelvic area and sometimes like little spasms. My pelvic area has been cramping a little every few days. My breast have continued to grow and sometimes they itch and feel very sore. My left breast is growing a little faster than the right but both hurt and itch. My nipples are darker and have these little bumps on them. My lower back has been hurting a lot lately, though Ive experienced back pain for a few years. I get random headaches, I sleep A LOT and clear up until a few months ago itd be very hard to fall asleep due to sleeping disorders.. I get dizzy a lot now almost anytime I stand up. My veins are so noticable it looks scary to me. They're very blue on the sides of my belly, breasts, arms and legs. I've had every pregnancy symptom there is yet a negative blood test and continued periods. The past two weeks I'm now hungry all the time with lots of cravings! What do I do?? Am I crazy? Is it possible to produce low to no hcg hormone with a continued period and still be pregnant??? I NEVER wanted this, but I'm scared. My mother told me before that when she was pergnant with me she thought she had a miscarriage clear up until 6-7 months because she had a period during her whole pregnancy!! So this is freaking me out. I'm a teenage girl.. so I'm really at a loss of what to do. This is driving me crazy:( 


taraspride82 - November 14

awe I am so sorry you are going through this so young. You 100000% sound pregnant to me! A blood test is supposed to be the most accurate, maybe your hcg levels were off, or something got mixed up with the blood test results, you never know. But I would go back to the doctor and and speak with him/her about it, and get another test, urine and blood. GOOD LUCK!



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