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Pumpkin68 - January 12

My and my girlfriend had s_x the other night and i didnt come close to finishing but I'm not sure about prec_m. Can she get pregnant?


helen - January 12

hey i was woundering if u could help, me and my boy had s_x on the 10th day of my cycle, first we fooled around and he stuck it in jus cause... later we did have s_x with a condom then had a shower together.. after we meessed around a bit again and stuck it in but not close to ejaculation... yeah it was foolish but i kinda scared now and i still got over a week till me perionds are due>> wat u think about me bein pregant


desiree - January 13

helen if your really scared take a test or just wait but i dont think ur pregnant. me and my b4 messed around a lot and we finished but he came outside of me not in me i mean i was soo close to getting pregnant becuase i geuss c_m can still be in them if they wiped themselves off but he just put it back in again and we did that a lot. goodluck n i hope i helped some. ur probably not pregnant


scared - January 13

Answer: Hey , I am scared that my girlfriend is pregnant. She was on birth control for six months to regulate her period. She hase been off the pill for a month. We had unprotected s_x, but only for about a minute or two. I never came inside her but i am not tottaly sure about me pre-c_ming or not. The last time i ejaculated though was two days before that. She used to have her period once every six months. She is very active in sports and is stressed out because of school. She is a week late. When is the soonest you would start to feel symptoms. And what are the chances of her being pregnant?


HELP ME, IAM 15 - January 15

I had s_x with my girlfreind 1 night ago and we dirint use a condom. I made sure I dirint c_m inside her. But I am worried that some prec_m might of actually left my p___s without me realizing it. I know I dirint prec_m but I cant find any awnsers that prove I did. Can she be pregnant if I did pre c_m inside her? Even if it was a drop?


Jake - January 17

Ok, this is a crazy situation but I still want opinions! 7 months ago my GF and I were lightly messing around. I MAY have had prec_m on my finger that MAY have been dried, and I used that finger on her. A few days later she took the pill Lo- Ovrall to stop any possibility of getting prego. It is 7 months later, she is having her periods and sometimes they are a little early and sometimes a little later but still having them. Do you think she can be pregnant after all of this? I don't want to hear "get a pregnancy test" cause that is not an option at this time. So qualified people, what are the odds of her becoming pregnant after possibly having dried prec_m on a finger inside her, after taking Lo Ovrall, and having periods for the last 7 months? Should I be stressed?


desiree - January 18

no you shouldnt be worried about it. periods arent always at the same time sometimes they do come late or early


Worried - January 18

Ok, Me and my boyfriend were having S_x. We used a condom and everything. Then guess what, The condom broke. It took a few minutes to finally notice it. But we stopped right when we noticed it. He hadn't ejaculated anytime that dad, and he didn't ejaculate while having s_x. He wasn't even close to it. I am only 15 and I am wondering what are the odds of getting pregnant. I am really worried because I will get kicked out and I will never get to see the love of my life again. This time was the first time we had s_x. So please help me! thanks so much!


shashina - January 19

yes that can get u pregnant


shashina - January 19

i didnot see my period for December/2005 and i am very worried


Ab - January 19

I don't have an answer, but I have a question. I just don't know where to go to put it. But me and my boyfriend had un-protected s_x one day, and I found out that he was cheating on me and he had s_x with another girl earlier that day. He pulled out, but I think there was probably sperm in the prec_m from him having s_x with her and ejaculating. Lately, my b___sts have been tender and I've been bloated. I took a pregnacy test like 2 days afterwards, I know it couldn't of been right, because that was too early to tell. what should I do?


hey - January 19

how do you know when you are ovulating...if you used the withdrawal method then like 5 hours later peed and then went in again what are the chances and also if there was like no mucus the next day the next day the mucus was sticky and clumpy and then the next days it began to become more slipper and watery by each day and it seemed the worst about 3 days later seriously could she be pregnant or am i too worried


uh - January 19

how many people after asking if they could be pregnant from pre c_m actually were pregnant?


21266712055 - January 19

s_x s_x s_x s_x s_x s_x s_x xdc


Kitty Face - January 19

<b>PLEASE READ THIS.</b> Most of you are terribly uninformed. I pulled these from respectable sources: "Yes, a woman can get pregnant from pre-c_m, though the chances are low. Sperm could be in pre-c_m, but only after a recent ejaculation, after which some sperm may be left hanging around in the urethra. "Recent" means masturbating earlier and then having s_x with a woman, or during the same s_xual episode of the recent ejaculation. Urinating in between ejaculations flushes the urethra of stray sperm and makes the way clear for the sperm-less pre-ejaculate fluid. If sperm remains after a prior ejaculation, then it's possible that they can enter the v____a and make their way to meet an egg." "There are two small structures attached to the urethra (a pa__sage running the length of the p___s which carries both s____n and urine to the tip of the p___s) which are called Cowper's glands. During s_xual arousal, these glands may secrete a clear, mucus-like substance called pre-ejaculatory fluid, or pre-c_m. While the purpose of this fluid is not known, and the amount varies from man to man and from one s_xual experience to another, pre-c_m may contain some sperm. A partner could obtain an STD (including HIV), or could become pregnant, if the love drops come in contact with their partner's mucous membranes." "Used by itself, this method is unreliable, because of the difficulty of controlling the process of ejaculation. It has been suggested that the pre-ejaculate ("Cowper's fluid"), which has a lubricatory function, contains spermatozoa (sperm cells), and is easily drawn into the v____a by capillary action. However, modern research suggests that in fact there are no live sperm in the fluid, and the primary cause of failure of this method of contraception is the lack of self-control of those using it: interrupting just at climax can be psychologically difficult, as it goes entirely against instincts and reflexes all designed to encourage procreation by encouraging ejaculation to occur deeply within the v____a. It is also largely ineffective in the prevention of STDs, since pre-ejaculate may carry viral particles or bacteria which may infect the partner should the fluid come in contact with mucous membranes. However, a reduction in the volume of bodily fluids exchanged during intercourse may reduce the likelihood of disease transmission due to the smaller number of pathogens present." "According to Emory University, withdrawal has a typical failure rate of 19%. However, for the couples that use this method correctly, the failure rate is 4% [1]. In comparison the pill has a first-year failure rate of 5%, which drops to about 0.1% if used correctly [2] while the diaphragm has a typical user failure rate of 20% and a perfect user failure rate of 6% [3]." "An article in the April 2003 edition of the Journal of a__sisted Reproduction & Genetics set out to determine "if spermatozoa are present in the preejaculatory penile secretion, originating from Cowper's gland." After seeing that none of the pre-ejaculate contained sperm, they concluded that "Preejaculatory fluid secreted at the tip of the urethra from Cowper's gland during s_xual stimulation did not contain sperm and therefore cannot be responsible for pregnancies during coitus interruptus" [2]" Basically, there could be sperm in the pre-c_m if the male recently ejaculated. Urination will get rid of this. The real problem here is the difficulty for men to pull out before the ejaculation, as it goes against their instincts. SO, the pull-out method is not 100% safe because of a lack of self control. NOT because of pre-c_m. In short: be safe. But, don't get yourself in a panic and make your late period even more late, thinking that you are pregnant based on misinformation.


uh - January 21

yeah but people are still saying they got pregnant from pre c_m so yeah



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