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Megan - August 3

My sister in law is pregnant right now, and that is exactly how she got pregnant. I think there is something like a 24% chance that you could


Anonymous - August 4

Yes Kea.. I would like to talk to anyone who can answer my questions. Thanks for your post too :) and Megan


Karen - August 8

Girls need to know that the withdrawal method does NOT work. It's about 70-80% effective. If these numbers doesn't scare you, maybe these will. About ONE in FOUR women will become pregnant this way. If you do not want to become pregnant, choose an effective birth control method.


Anonymous - August 21



brucen - August 22



Stephanie - August 22

Beleive me you can get pregnant ....i was on the pill but took cold medecin affected my pills......and I got pregnant ........Ive been on the pill for 10 years and now at bearly 22 years old I have a beautifull girl ( she was born on the 28 of june) .......pre c_m ...anykind of body fluid from a guys p___s CAN get you pregnant....dont practice pull out .......if you do .......I dont know how old you are ........get on the pill or injections.......


Stephanie - August 22

ALL GUYS HAVE PRECUM like all women at some point lubricate.....pre c_m is lubrification


anonymous - August 24

i had s_x wit my bf but i am worried tat he might c_m in the inside of me.... first we tried it..( i can feel it wasnt all the way in ..) ( it was my first time..) but then afterward...he checked if he had c_m inside of me or no so..we checked and he made his p___s c_m... ( is there a chance of being pregnat?)


Anonymous - August 26

From what I have learned through these forums, yes you can be pregnant, from pre-c_m. It's really unsafe. I used that pull-out method before and after he ejaculated and guess what - I am 16 days late on my period. I took a test on day 4 and 7 when I was late and they said negative.. now it is over a week later and still it hasn't come. My period is like clockwork. I haven't missed a month or was late in over 4 years. I have some signs of pregnancy.. like increased discharge, enlarged b___sts, very very tired and I have to pee alot. What could be going on??


jessi - August 26

u could just be stressed out and u mind is startin to make u believe u are pregnant...another option is u are pregnant but u dont have enough HCG in ur urine yet!


Anonymous - August 26

Can I be making up symptoms that are clear as day? I don't think so, if my panties are always damp, that is not normal. If my b___sts hurt, that is not normal.


Robyn - September 8

I hate to tell you, but no, you wouldn't necessarily know if his pre-c_m got inside of you. Sure, you may not want to get pregnant, but a lot of people don't and still wind up getting pregnant, even with protection. If you don't want to get pregnant and you didn't have a condom you really shouldn't have s_x. Many stores are open 24 hours that would enable you to get contraception. I know when you are in the mood it is hard to stop. That is why you/he buy protection BEFORE hand. If you don't have it, there are also many other possiblities, like mutual materbation or oral s_x. Getting pregnant or worse getting HIV/AIDS (and don't say "he doesn't look like he has it" ANYONE can have it-unless he is a virgin-he needs to be tested) are too dangerous of things to risk to say, "oh well, we didn't have a condom, but went at it anyway." EVEN with protection, you still need to talk to eachother about what you will do if you do get pregnant. YES, condoms (and pills) are not 100%. If you love eachother, please have this discussion.


Viv - September 8

Your August 26th post makes it sound as though you are definitely pregnant. Late period, b___st changes, urination, tiredness, v____al moisture. You may not be using the hpt correctly (morning stream) or your hormones are taking a long time building up. Some women don't get positive hpt until week 6 or 7. I suggest you go to the Health Department or Planned Parenthood and tell them your story. A blood test is more accurate than hpt. Come back and let us know the result. Good luck!


Anonymous - September 8

I actually went to the doctor's.. 1 1/2 weeks ago! (I started my period and it was regular, somewhat) So he said I was not pregnant! Thanks for the help!


... - September 10

My boyfriend always try to have s_x with me unprotected. He goes in me for 30-60 seconds then i push him out then have s_x with a condom. Is that any way i can get pregnante from that? My period is never on time and i'm getting worried as time goes. If it is possible should i go get a pregnance test?


.... - September 10

i forgot to mention that i have the same symptoms as Anonymous has.. i'm worried..



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